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  1. zha

    Zha's Log

    Guess I finally ought to update this thing, eh? So, I stopped taking accutane around December 29th, so I was on accutane for a total of 9 months. By the last couple months, I had cleared up beautifully. I guess I always got one or two tiny ones every week, but that's no big deal at all! I stayed that way for a couple months afterwards too. Recently, however, I've started breaking out a bit more. It's nowhere *near* as bad as it was pre-accutane, but it's kinda discouraging to realize t
  2. zha

    Zha's Log

    Day 193sh: Wow. It's kinda been a while since I've updated this thing. My acne has cleared up a lot in the last month. I still have acne, especially hormonal acne around certain times of the month, but they're just regular pimples--no more cysts. Before (*especially* earlier during my accutane course), cysts were almost the only thing I got. I missed my most recent derm appointment, so I suppose I should really reschedule soon,'cause I probaby need to keep taking this stuff...
  3. zha

    Zha's Log

    No, my acne isn't *that* bad. But it's been this way for nine years and now it's starting to produce scars. That's reason enough for accutane IMO. But thanks!....I think.
  4. Alright folks, what I'm looking for here is people to critique my line of reasoning and resultant plan of action. Basically, tell me if you think I'm on crack. So, here's my situation. I'm 5+ months into accutane, and I'm still breaking out nearly as much as ever. But that's not really the problem. The problem is that accutane appears to be doing a real number on my skin in terms of scarring. It's not that the acne that I'm continuing to get is producing scars, it's that I have scars tha
  5. zha

    Zha's Log

    Guess what folks? I now have pics up! They're all right here in my personal album.
  6. zha

    it's meeeeee!

    pics of me and my acne.
  7. Shabetta, Something similar happened to me too, starting maybe six months ago. I was like, "wtf?!" But the only thing I could come up with was aging. I'm 21 btw.
  8. zha

    Zha's Log

    Day 157: I think I *must* be officially clearer than when I started accutane! Yay!!! (I'll probably change my mind again soon though, but hey...) I've had only one pimple in the last week! And it wouldn't have even been very big if I hadn't messed with it. Unfortunately, I didn't take my prescription in to get it filled soon enough. It's been more than a week now, but it's ok I guess--I'll just change the date on it. Way to go, FDA--you sure know how to prevent birth defects! Nevermin
  9. We started at the same time, but I just finished five months and you just finished six? Weeeeiiird. *checks log history*
  10. zha

    Zha's Log

    Phew. Ya know, it's really kind of a relief to know that I'm not being entirely paranoid about this. On the other hand, if we were both paranoid together, would that make it a conspiracy? Er.... anyway. A second opinion is a good idea! (Heh, thanks--as retarded as this will make me sound, I probably wouldn't have thought of that one.) I think I may have to do just that. In the meantime, though, I think I'm officially going to skip the prednisone.
  11. (Sorry it took me so long to respond--I've been off trying to find a place to live this fall when I go to a different university..) I am not ignorant about marijuana, nor am I brainwashed by the media in this particular instance. I assure you that I am not just mindlessly buying everything the media tells me about drugs--I've read quite a bit of the research myself, written by the medical professionals who conducted it. It *is* true that no one has died directly from marijuana. But it's s