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  1. Beautifulambition - thanks for the encouragement and advice I was pretty naive last year before starting the treatments - I really thought a couple of rounds of fraxel would sort things completely. It's sadly not the case - but I'm glad to be starting to see some progress. Thanks again and I'll make sure to update the thread later. Many thanks Obi wan for the encouragement!
  2. Hello all, I wanted to share the results I've obtained over the course of a year. This follows three rounds of Fraxel, followed by 5 rounds of subcision with Sculptra infusion. The last of these was November 2017. I think the icepick/boxcar scars are certainly shallower and less defined. It's difficult to capture rolling scars on camera, but there's definitely some improvement there too. I'm pleased so far, but hoping for a bit more of a targeted approach and looking into TCA C
  3. Thank you all for the feedback. ChildhoodDreams: I'm judging it based on the several months between having the laser and then the subcision. As a caveat, though, I know that two sessions of Fraxel do not add up to much and that more sessions are generally recommended. I think laser definitely has a place for certain scar types and there's plenty of evidence to support this, but mine were predominately rolling/tethered scars that had been present for many years and needed a different sor
  4. Hi everyone, I wanted to share with you the results I've had so far from Fraxel and subcision (with Sculptra injection). I've had two sessions of Fraxel (in March and April this year) and have one further session to take. I'll probably use have this final session next year. I've subsequently had three sessions of subcision, with Sculptra injection performed at the same time, in June, July, and August. The doctor performing this procedure has recommended four sessions in total. The i
  5. Hi BA, I wish the doctor had sneakily added some subcision/filler, but no: I've only had the laser so far. The scars are by no means flattened out. I'll attach another pic in different light to give a better idea. I'm definitely getting some improvement, but I don't mean to suggest it's anything like a cure. I know it's generally a long process towards anything resembling such a thing. I'm pleased with the progress so far, though, especially as the downtime was minimal (I really can't a
  6. Hey guys, Thought I'd post another update. I had session two of Fraxel 10 days ago. The doctor ramped up the energy levels as I'd tolerated the first session well. Downtime was still fairly minimal. The swelling came down after a couple of days and there's only a bit of residual redness. Going to to delay my third and final session until after the summer, but will post some more updates closer to the time so give an idea of any long lasting changes. Fingers crossed Before picture
  7. This is the other side of my face, now 6 days post Fraxel. Most of the redness has gone now and skin is feeling pretty good! The recovery was much easier than I'd expected to be honest. Due another session in mid-April so will post a few more updates then. Hope01, send me a PM if you'd like the details.
  8. Fingers crossed it's longlasting - I'll let you guys know how it goes.
  9. Thanks for the comments folks. Guardian10 - I had it at a clinic in London. Are you based in the UK? If so, feel free to PM me if you'd like the details. I reckon the downtime will be minimal (2-3 days at most). I'll be sure to post updates when I have them.
  10. Hey guys, I wanted to share what I consider to be really positive results after just a single session of Fraxel (I've purchased a total of three). I hope it helps anyone who might be considering this treatment. I have a mix of scar types, as you'll see in the before photo; I'm really pleased with the improvement so far and hope for more in subsequent sessions. I had the first treatment two days ago. I'd appreciate any feedback or advice you guys may have. P (before and afte