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  1. Yes it is prescription only in the UK. I don't want to do a full course though, so I have had to look elsewhere. Tom
  2. G'day, I am setting my own dose. I've done the research but if things fuck up I will go and see a Dr. I'm using an online service for bloods and analysis. Tom
  3. Definately look at taking magnesium and k2 with that level of D3. Otherwise you might consider reducing to something closer to 2000UI D3. Tom
  4. So, another week has passed. Everything is still going smoothly, maybe just a couple of bumps along the road. I have upped my dose to 20mg a day, as of Monday just gone. I thought this a safe bet as side effects have been minimal so far and I really want to hit my oil production. This has remained more or less unaffected the past 2 weeks. It has been 2 weeks since I stopped using BP and my face has completely recovered. No more horrible flakes! Also no significant outbreak, just the odd spot
  5. Nice one dude, glad it's all working out for you. Tom
  6. Bit late to respond to your shaving query I know but have you considered dumping the trimmers and sart shaving with blades? I switched from blades to trimmers a year or so ago thinking it would cause less irritation. But in actual fact the reverse was true. I am having much better results shaving with a mach3 every 2 or 3 days. I found a good routine on the net (similar to Dan's) and no post shave bumps or spots so far. I do my head the same way but that may be to extreme for some. Tom
  7. Nice video dude. You sound really deppressed though. You're looking great btw ☺ Tom
  8. G'day, so that's the first 7 doses of 10mg Roaccutane done and dusted. It has been a positive week over all. No notable side effects as yet. Slight nausea and a mild headache the first few days. Eyes are a little sore - seeing the optician Saturday as I am overdue a vision test. The bloods I ordered before starting Roaccutane came back normal, so no issues there. Acne wise things are much better than a week ago. I had been experiencing a horrible breakout since discontinuing and then restarti
  9. Howdy, so not really an update. Just making a record of my current regime. I've stopped using the 5% BP. It has really taken a toll on my skin this last year. I'm using the Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream wash to cleanse - AM/PM. I tone with ACV diluted 50/50 with water. I then apply pure aloe gel. This is working well so far. My face does not show any signs of irritation or excessive dryness. I do have a back up moisturiser from Avene should dryness become a problem. Other than that
  10. Howdy, So started my low dose roaccutane journey today. I'm in the UK and have been breaking out for the last few years. Started out with a few spots on forehead and have progressed to moderate acne. Currently getting painful cysts (a couple at a time), lots of small whiteheads, a few blackheads, clogged pores and inflamed spots here and there. My spots can pop up anywhere but worst areas are forehead/nose. Started getting a very oily t-zone about a year ago. I've tried the usual menage
  11. Water only worked great for my neck and body (I do use Sulfur soap daily for intimate areas). Pretty much cleared my neck/back/chest. Couldn't get my face to settle to it though. Had to go back to my old routine.
  12. Wow, what a difference. You look great. Nice post :-) Tom
  13. Hey Ben, I'm still reading/following your journey. I'm glad the flushing subsided for you. After some research I've decided to try a super low dose of accutane, 10mg twice a week to start. Just got to wait a few weeks for delivery. Tom
  14. Good luck to you m8. Sounds like your making progress. I recently ditched the SA, BP and ACV and went water only. I read the big caveman regimen threads from 2004 to 2008 and decided water only was the way to go. Oiliness is my main problem, along with mild acne on my t-zone and lots of irritation/red marks. About a week in so far and I'm slightly less oily. Slight increase in spots/Whiteheads on face but nothing major. Skin looks less irritated. Getting good results on neck/back/che