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  1. I use the clean and clear cleanser (with sal acid) all over my face before BP'ing, and then spot treat with extra sal acid using the on-the-spot pen thing. But I only do this at night. In the morning I don't use BP; I wash my face with water and a gentle cleanser, I then use a couple of drops of bio-oil and jojoba mixed together and really massage this into face. Even tho Bio-oil may have some comodgenic ingredients in it, I find that by using just one drop, it sinks into my skin well and really
  2. I know that there is some controversy surronding Sal Acid and the regimen, but I have found that the combo of BP and Sal Acid have really made a huge difference to my skin. Have been on the regimen for over 2 months now and my skin is near on 100% clear. I have recently been using Clean and Clear Deep cleansing lotion (sensitive) as well as BP and a salicyclic treatement pen (From Clarity in Superdrug) on any tiny areas of blocked pores/small spots and the difference has been phenomenal! To co
  3. Right then... I'm in week 8 of the regimen and the change in my skin has been amazing! I am soooo happy. Acne has stopped almost entirly and my skin tone, smoothness, red marks have massively improved. I am so much more confident and happy! Made some adjustments to my regimen to find what suits me perfectly, I now have NO dryness, redness OR spots!!!!! AM: * Wash with Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel face wash * Massage 3 drops of jojoba and 3 drops of Bio-Oil into my entire face * Moistursie wi
  4. WEEK 5 Had a few spots crop up last week (probably due to time of the month) but they have healed so quickly and i'm looking smooth again. The best thing of all is that the flakiness and redness have almost entirely gone! This is due to some slight alterations to my regimen which now goes like this: Wash with Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Foaming wash OR Clean and Clear sensitive cleanser (with cotton wool) Massage two drops of Bio-Oil mixed with two drops of Jojoba oil into BP areas and dry areas
  5. I have used the OXY on the spot 2.5% Bp and it worked great. Reasonable price too. Avaliable from Superdrug and possibly Boots.
  6. Thanks so much for all of your advice! I think I will reduce the amount of BP I'm putting on my chin as some of you suggested. I will continue using Dan's for now but if the redness continues after the reduction, I might consider going back to OXY as it may suit my face more. I'll let you know how it goes...
  7. Hi everyone, I have been on the regimen for almost four weeks now and have suddenly started to notice redness around my chin, where I am applying the BP (I am also applying BP to the forehead but no redness there). I have made some slight changes to my regimen in the past few days which are: 1. changing from Oxy on the spot to Dan's BP 2. upping my BP application quite a bit (1/2 finger on forehead, 1/2 on chin). Before I used a small amount as my acne is mild. 3. adding jojoba to my moistu
  8. Into week 4 Skin is looking great but still a few pimples cropping up (although these are tiny and painless). Red marks are fading quickly too. Dryness isn't too bad (just really flaky after cleansing, once I have put the moisturiser on it's fine). However getting very sore/red skin around my eyes even though I have been taking extra care not to get BP there. Don't know what could be causing this- maybe the jojoba in the moisturiser? Peace out
  9. Sure they are as follows: Liquid paraffin Emulsifying Wax Yellow soft paraffin Thats all there is in there. You get it in a big pot and and you only have to use a little dab of it. It kinda looks like vaseline (clear/whiteish) but desn't feel as greasy. I would go to the pharmacist and ask for a basic emoillent for eczema/ dry skin conditions and then check the ingrediants on the tub, see if tey match. The one I have is a 3 in 1, you can use it as a bath additive (mainly if you have all-over d
  10. Hi I'm third week in and have been experiencing the same problems as you- very dry and flaky skin- esparound the chin/mouth area. I have been using a small dab of 'Epaderm' after BP and before moisturising and it has worked brilliantly. It is a basic OTC emollient (so you might find a similar one with a different name) and it contains no colourings, fragrances, additives or preseravtives, its very simple and effective (usually used for dry skin conditions and eczema), it feels a bit greasy on in
  11. I've had big red spots on my shoulders recently. I stopped using a body moisturiser which was really thick and I think was blocking my pores. That helped a lot. Also smother my shoulders in a bit of BP 2.5% and sudocrem for bed and I find this has really helped and almost banished them! Still have red marks from picking them tho, so try not to squeeze- it doesn't work! Good luck with the regimen- keep on going with it!!
  12. I am thinking of reducing my BP application to one a day (every night) as putting it on in the morining causes redness and soreness and tbh my acne is only mild. I just feel that I am putting toooo many chemicals on my face and it's worrying me a bit. Also my skin is getting very tight and dry- something I have never experienced before, and my moisturiser isn't doing much for it. Spots have been good- have only had two small ones since start of regimen. Also I found out that my facewash contain
  13. Ok so, into my third week and still goin ok. Had a bit of a breakout over the weekend, spots on the chin. I squeezed them (bad, I know) then blobbed on the sudocrem and they are quickly dying, much quicker than they were before the reg. The dryness is still a problem SO FLAKY! Have purrrrchased some jojoba from ebay Also slightly concerned with the amount of diff product i'm using on my face, but is seems to be coping well so far. I'll keep you up to date with how the hohobaaaa gwan. P.S. I
  14. I'm relatively new to acne.org and felt I HAD to add to this discussion. I LOVE sudocrem!(although from what I've heard- not so for US folks )!! I have used it for years and it is great for all kinds of skin rashes and acne, it is great on spots and really gets rid of the blighters! Also it so soooo cheap and lasts for AGES. SUDOCREM is the best.