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  1. devs

    please don't do this!!

    please don't do this!!

    Honestly, if I could, I would give this zero stars. Maybe it works for some people, but after trying the oil cleansing method with coconut oil over two years ago, my acne has exploded into a nightmare of cysts, blocked pores, oiliness, and red marks from the constant onslaught of pimples. After realising how comedogenic coconut oil is, I understand how it blocked my pores in the first place, but I cannot for the life of me understand why I have ongoing acne from using this. Perhaps it messed up
  2. I feel you. Although in the past I had really terrible self-esteem in general and felt there was absolutely nothing beautiful about me, as I got older I started to better appreciate myself and even began to think I was beautiful. Unfortunately 2 years ago my acne went from mild and under control (I had previously had cystic acne but treated it mostly successfully with bp) after trying the oil cleansing method with coconut oil (fucking stupid in hindsight bc it blocked all my pores, not really su