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  1. Hi! So just this morning I woke up to a weird scab like bump on my nose conveniently the same area I was clearing a deep clogged pores the day prior. It should no signs of damage around the area I was clearing since I did it in the morning and aside from a little bit of redness it was fine. Yet, I woke up to this yellowish blister like bump scab thing on my nose. Thinking it was a weird pimple I popped it(I know, I shouldnt ) but all that came out was clear liquid(platelets?). I'm so confu
  2. I have those too! One of mine just recently turned into a big sore pimple most likely due to it being close to my period but they still suck! I hope you find answers!!
  3. Today I purchased both bp 5% and sa 2%. I remember hearing that they work well together and help get rid of acne and pimples faster if used together with proper moisturizing of course. I just wanted to know if anyone else found this to work as well or if it's better to alternate or use them separately. Also if they help with scars in anyway(like preventing them from growing a new pimple or fading them away). Thanks in advance!
  4. Cool I'll try it! I also saw someone mixing it with olive oil. Have you tried this and if so, which one worked better?
  5. As far as I've heard no it isn't good to not wash your skin. Maybe for the first week its ok then turns bad the 2nd week. Maybe avoid using so many products and stick with only a few or more natural products idk. But try it I guess and see if it works ^^
  6. Okay so I have been looking but I can't find anything directly answering my questions. ;-; so I'm going to a concert in 3 days and I have this, I guess, normal sized pimple. Not really small but not crazy big like some cystic acne. Its semi close to the corner of my mouth and is sore to the touch and if i move my mouth. It has a small white head but Im not sure if I should pop it or not. It appeared today and since its sore I think I should just leave it. I've been using my astringent with stayl