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  1. dddram - I agree. Most people that have moderate to severe scarring have deep tissue loss and the ablative methods will do little to nothing for them except to drain their bank account. I have read many accounts of people on this site that have tried fraxel and other methods that only give 10% to 15% improvement after multiple sessions and at a cost of thousands of dollars. I had severe scarring and the silicone microdroplet was the only technique that did a decent job of replacing the lost t
  2. Yes, that is how it usually works. There is minor swelling for several days that first adds some volume then diminishes and you are left with just the additional volume of the silicone droplets themselves. At about 2 to 3 weeks, the collagen begins to form around the droplets and the greater filling from the treatment begins. In my case it happend about at the 3 week mark.
  3. dddram - Out of curiousity how much does Dr. Langdon charge per visit? I have to agree on your assessment. If much tissue is lost underneath the skin, it is fruitless to continue to peel, dermabrade or laser the skin and try to continue to get results. In some cases, only a filler will reduce the shadow effect.
  4. My knowledge of Orientreich is regarding the sr. Orientrech who I think is retired. I think David is his son. What I have been told on this forum is that the sr. Orientrech pioneered the micro-droplet treatment. I would assume that the costs are going to be higher in NYC because the cost of living and operating a medical office is probably twice the cost of most other places in the U.S. Also, I was happy because the results are permanent and I did not have to continue to lay out money. I ha
  5. Jes - depending on your type of scarring, you may want to investigate fillers to see if your scarring would respond. I had 7 rounds of silicone micro-injections with Dr. Alkek and got satisfactory results. As I mentioned before, if I had it to do over, I would explore subscisions and fillers before I would have done dermabrasion due to hypopigmentation. But having said that, Dr. Alkek is one of the most experienced at dermabrasion.
  6. I had a dermabrasion with Dr. Alkek in 1993 and I did lose some pigmentation. If you have type 4, that would be a definite risk. Once pigmentation is gone, there is no definite way to resore it. Dr. Alkek is a great doctor with many years of experience in dermabrasion and silicone micro-injections. I later had 7 rounds of silicone-micro injections with him and have been pleased with the results. He is probably one of the most experienced at dermabrasion anywhere to be found. If you have ro
  7. Bama - that is a great overview of the silicone micro-droplet results. The technique is used to replace deep tissue that has been lost to inflammation. It does not have an effect on surface scarring so as bama mentioned, you cannot expect to look perfect if you have surface damage and the subsurface is replaced. However, if you have moderate to severe scarring, there has probably been some deep tissue loss that will not be helped by resurfacing the skin and shadowing will still occur unless t
  8. Bama - Thanks for the feedback on your treatments with Dr. Alkek. I also got good results but with 7 rounds. I had a lot of tissue loss and damage due to 13 years of severe cystic acne and it took about 3 rounds for me to begin to even see results. After 7 rounds, I look much better although I would like one more for touch-up. The excisions, dermabrasions and subscisions helped but the silicone micro-droplet was the only treatment that helped with my major problem that caused shadowing in t
  9. Congratulations! I see a great deal of improvement in the photos. I had 7 rounds with Dr. Alkek in Dallas and got good results although I am definitely not perfect I could see the positive changes in adverse lighting. I think my scarring was similar to yours and it seemed to take a couple of sessions before I could begin seeing results. It must be a great relief for you to get some good results.
  10. I agree, Heidi Klum is rich famous and good looking in her own right but it is very well documented in many studies as well as many a guy's own personal observations that money and fame are great attractors for women. Also, I hate to say this but women are just as superficial when it comes to looks as men. A number of years ago, I had a friend that was in acting school and by all standards a very good looking guy. When he went to clubs with his buds, most women ignored his buds and were prett
  11. Seal is rich and famous so I don't really see how it relates to the real world of the average person. Many women would find him attractive just due to his money, fame and talent. Regular guys wouldn't get a second look.
  12. I am at a point where I am pretty content but would like one more round of silicone micro on my right cheek where the scars were the deepest. At that point, I will be done although not perfect. I have a couple of small hypertrophic scars on my right cheek that don't seem to have a solution but I have probably gotten at least 85% or so improvement. Since I have had so many procedures, I am not sure what percent for each process. If I had to do it all over with today's technology, I would ha
  13. I have had a long list of procedures for a mix of scars both rolling and superficial. I had excisions followed by one dermabrasion and a second dermabrasion by a differend doctor. I followed up years later with subscisions followed by 7 rounds of siliccone micro droplet treatments. The superficial scars that gave my skin a somewhat rough texture were helped by the dermabrasion but there was very little improvement to the rolling scars. The dermabrasions also wiped out much of my pigmentatio
  14. dingdingding - I have not heard of that problem with silicone done with the micro-droplet technique since the droplet is so small, that it stays in place while the collagen builds around it. I have had severe scarring and I did not see a displacement of the filler droplets with my 7 treatments of silicone micro-droplets. The injections were very precisce and the results showed up in the injected spots. However, when I had one treatment with Restalyne, the benefits lasted for about 3 weeks or
  15. doggydogg - I had 7 rounds with Dr. Alkek. I must say that I saw fairly minor changes until about the 3rd or 4th round. I guess that I had such severe tissue loss that it took several rounds to begin showing on the exterior. I did find that the results began to show for me at about the beginning of the 3rd week with each round of treatment. It has been about a year since the last treatment and the results are still there. Based on what I have read, some have had decent results while some