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  1. Hello All, Roughly 2 weeks ago, I completed my 2nd round of subcision with Dr Peter Rullan in San Diego, CA. I went with him the 1st subcision in 2017. That time I did filler at the same time, but wasn't very happy with the filler since too much extra was put on my skin. This time I just did the subcision, and the results are looking superb. I'm 90% healed up as well; just a bit of bruising left on the left side. About 5 days after I did the surgery I was already back at the gym btw. So the he
  2. Update: I've attached new pictures under harsh lightning: Left Side: http://imgur.com/eNtYFG2 http://imgur.com/neUqbTV Right Side: http://imgur.com/bPbOdws I'm very happy with the improvement. The time I can tell the biggest difference is when using a public restroom. Before I did the treatment the scars looked extremely bad, and it was really hard to even look at myself. But now it's a night/day difference. The right side ended up seeing the biggest improvement. Only thing with
  3. It was $800. The photos were before the rf btw. I didn't notice a difference in scars, but it takes time to improve. There's a decent difference in skin tone and appearance though.
  4. I attached some new photos in my original post. I would say that I received a 60-80% improvement. So much so that I'm moving on. I might do another Vivace session in 6 weeks, but that's it. I did one more round (most likely last round) of Hyaluronidase today to remove some more filler, and so my face is a bit swollen in the treated areas. Once the swelling goes down I'll post some pictures in much more harsh lighting.
  5. I went back to working out including cardio and weight lifting about 9 days after the subcision. I had no problem with it.
  6. It really is the way to go. I'm glad you're getting great results as well with the subcision/filler. I just had the microneedling + rf done. My face is quite red right now, and I had some pin-point bleeding. I'll update once I've healed up. I think the numbing cream irritated my skin a bit. My chin area was really red. So I ended up doing it without the cream. Wasn't that painful, but hurt more than the subcision.
  7. Left Side: http://imgur.com/N2GKv07 Right Side: http://imgur.com/5AFk31m
  8. Picture update will be tomorrow night. Looks much better now.
  9. I got most of the filler dissolved, and didn't notice a difference in the scars. Most of the filler seemed to have been applied in non-acne scar areas. The nurse did mention the Vivance can do in-sulated and non-insulated. But they temporarily only have one at the moment, but the other one is coming soon. I can't recall which they have now; in-sulated or non-sulated. Anyways, appointment scheduled for Monday. I just got the 2nd round of hyaluronidase at no charge as well.
  10. I ended up getting the Hyaluronidase injection yesterday to dissolve the filler. I went to a plastic surgeon's medical spa. He has fantastic nurses that have lots of experience with fillers as they do it pretty much every day. I saw one of the nurses and ended up paying $100 for the injection. After 24 hours the lumps have gone down big time, so I'm very happy with that. I'm going back tomorrow as there a few spots that need just a little bit more of the hyaluronidase. After that I'm I'm gett
  11. Juvederm Ultra caused lumps for me (easily fixable -- HA fillers are reversible unlike BellaFill), so I'm going to stay away from Ultra from now. I didn't pick the filler, however. I just told the doctor what's the best filler for my scars that's not permanent (BellaFill). I should of done more research on the different types of HA fillers beforehand. I went to see a dermatologist today. She recommended I wait another 3 weeks and just massage the areas with a warm washcloth. We did end up do
  12. Congratz on deciding to do subcision; it looks like you picked a great doctor as well. Hopefully, the results stay the same once the swelling goes down, and I look forward to the next update. Do you still plan on using the derminator in the future for upkeep? I plan on up-keeping with filler as well (definitely Volbella next time) along with maybe one more session of subcision early next year; unless I'm content with the results, and simply move on.
  13. I bought a Clarisonic vibrator for the skin. I plan on using it on the affected areas twice a day. If there's no improvement then I'll probably get a saline injection to decrease the size.
  14. Oh, I was actually referring to the bumps; and not the actual scars. The scars on the areas that didn't experience bumps I'm extremely happy with. I just hope these bumps don't linger on for months, because some of them are quite big. I've attached new pics: Right Side: http://imgur.com/H3mjdg5 (2 different areas with bumps) Near Lower Right Jaw: http://imgur.com/pD0nUBb Had subcision + filler done here as well. http://imgur.com/2iOgHnz (Picture 2 weeks old) Near Lower Left Jaw: http: