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  1. Hey there! I have really high hopes for this, even if I hate the idea of taking it and wondering if it will make things worse. I am at my whits end with my body really. I am still so young but it feels like I am falling apart at the seams. As for Retin-A...I'm so afraid to start using it on anything aside from my jawline anymore as my cheeks especially are so so sensitive. I get indented scars from just looking in the mirror, it seems! I still feel like it might have been a culprit for the sen
  2. Hey there~ I think we share the same first name Thank you for posting, it's comforting to hear that you aren't alone in things, even though I am really sorry you're going through this. I hope Spiro works for me, if anything for the painful ones that crop up under my jaw. They are so infuriating! A question about Spiro though, did you ever notice a change in your oil production or pore size? My bare skin looks so mottled all the time because of all the oil and the huge pores! It's like lookin
  3. Hey there aimedlt! I know that sometimes pictures do not do things justice so I will try to be aware of that here. How old are you? How long has this been going on? Do you have any other medical problems?
  4. I know it has been a little bit since you posted this, but I just wanted to let you know that I am sorry for what you are going through and I hope that you find relief. Acne is an awful struggle.
  5. (Ugh, second time writing this out as I refreshed the page by accident. Sorry this is LONG!) Female, 26 Medications I take YAZ - for about 3 years now Vit D3 Spironolactone (100 mg 50am/50pm) I'm on day 5, with little change. A quick summary of what has happened: The beginning of this year I started breaking out badly in cystic spots along the jawline. previously I had been perfectly clear on YAZ and topicals. (Trentinoin .025%). I just attributed the breakout to stress a
  6. Thank you for taking the time to write this, I needed it.
  7. VibrantViper

    Skin Diary

    Just a way for me to keep track of what's going on with my skin
  8. More texture images in harsher lighting.
  9. I've only continued to see these constant breakouts and uneven texture.
  10. It's been a few days since I updated you guys, I'm sorry. It's been a rough week really. I had two new cystic bumps pop up under my jaw/neck area and a weird breakout of tiny bumps all over my face. I think it was the Evening Primrose I tried to incorporate into my daily regimen...at least I hope so. I also tried to start taking a probiotic to help with the antibiotic, but I stopped that just in case it was the cause. Guess I'll never know if EPO works or not. My skin was healing so well and the
  11. Today is starting off pretty well. I still have the leftover red spots from that weird breakout I got, but for the most part my face is relatively calm. My texture is still about the same, except for that first little scarred pore that I mentioned in my last post. It looks a little more shallow than it used to. I could be completely crazy but I think it might be healing?? I'm still not washing that area with anything aside from water once a day and the only topical I use there is Jojoba oil with
  12. This would be amazing. I would so use it. I try to restrict my diet as much as I can, but sometimes I just don't know what's causing a breakout.
  13. Have you tried trimming your nails all the way down? I find this really helps me. Even if I'm guilty of touching, I'm not tearing my skin with my nails.