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  1. Eggs derive a lot of their calories from fat, a tablespoon of olive oil is 120 calories of pure fat (not to mention all oils are almost completely stripped of all nutritional value), regular parmesan cheese is nearly 60% fat. You are almost ingesting 1000 calories worth of fat from your salad. Almost all of the credible science out there suggests that your fat intake should be under 20% of your total calories, this percentage being a very conservative one. I suggest that you look for a bette
  2. As if a batch of rotten meat or milk with the complimentary white maggots was any more pleasing. Not to mention that a huge majority of people out there would never even be able to harvest meat from a corpse.
  3. How about finding a better source of fresh fruits? Getting a bad fruit from a store is a very poor reason to remove one of the most nutritious food on the face of the earth. Nut butters are often made from low quality moldy nuts. Ground meat is often made from meat that sat on shelves for too long. Most grain products are made from old grain that has set in silos for months or years. Almost all oils in grocery stores are rancid. This hardly constitutes a good argument to eliminate any of those
  4. I say the availability of the food is not all that important because an animal's diet will be similar anywhere in the world. The horse used in my previous example would eat a grass based diet in Asia or in America. Obviously the vegetation is different in both regions, but the diet will still be based on grass, no matter what type. If no grass is not present somewhere, chances are the horse won't be around either. I see no reason why humans would be different from the rest of the animal kingdo
  5. What do you put in your green smoothies? You might need to add more calorie dense fruits. Mine always contain 7 bananas + lettuce, spinach and a bunch of berries. Adds up to around 900 calories and it keeps me going for hours. If you're going to be following a mostly raw diet, you need to up your fruit intake big time or you'll be left eating low calorie vegetables until your stomach explodes to meet your caloric needs. Bananas provide a good amount of calories and are extremely cheap. A nice h
  6. I used to really like the nutritional typing idea and really believed in it, but the more i look into it, the less it seems to make sense. When people take the questionnaire, they almost always end up getting the result they were hoping for. This is probably because you basically ask a meat lover how he feels after having a big meat meal. Obviously he's going to answer he feels great. I recently took the test and got classified as a protein type, which was great because I was eating a lot of
  7. Protein is blown way out of proportion. You average man needs something like 50 grams of protein a day. This is easy to attain even if your diet consisted of only bananas. Protein deficiency is virtually non-existent except the the absolutely poorest people on earth, and even then, the biggest problem is really lack of calories. Check out the China Study by Dr Colin Campbell for some really good information on the whole protein deal.
  8. I would not worry about it. Potassium overdose is almost nonexistent unless triggered in a laboratory. Here's a copy/paste from http://www.fredericpatenaude.com/. I can't confirm if this is a credible source or not, but if a small monkey can eat 6000 milligrams in 1 day, i think it's fairly safe to assume that we also can. We are obviously not monkeys, but we still have something like 99.4% of our genes in common, so this sounds like a reasonably fair assumption. Also, I was beat
  9. You pretty much answered your own question. Do you think something that registers in your mind as "barely minimum to be considered one" make good fuel for your body?
  10. I have stumbled across this e-book and the small extra e-books that come with it and I was actually very impressed with it. Most of the info is very solid. I think you can sign up for the free email version of it and get most of the e-book's content that way, but in portions of something like 1 chapter a week. I thought it was worth it for me, helped me take a good look at my habits and I did realize that I have been focusing so much on diet that I have almost forgotten every other part of the
  11. Yet he practically started the thread with the statement that red meat is the worse food for humans. He should know by now that is that there is no one shoe fits all diet, shame on him, etc etc? You're judging me and him on different standards now. In my opinion, it's just not acceptable to make such claims without some serious evidence to back them up, and I was quick to point that out. If the OP wants to interpret it as a personal attack, it's not my problem.
  12. Every is discussing fasting, but i'm really interested in the Iodine. Someone reported having some great success with it (DejaClaireVoyante i think?) and now you. I have tried to find some information about iodine, "detox" and acne on the net but i mostly end up on curezone, which has the worse forum interface ever and makes me give up in anger after 5 minutes every time. Care to post a few good links on the subject when you get a chance? Thanks.
  13. There is no "mob mentality" involved in this at all. Original poster comes in here making claims such as "red meat rots in the colon" with absolutely no scientific evidence to back it up. This is both irritating and unhelpful, especially when that theory has been disproved time and time again. It his right to believe that his post contains good advice, but it's also my right to completely disagree with everything he said except the dairy part. This is how a discussion starts. What is the poi
  14. It's a scam, easy to tell just from the design of the page.
  15. Never, especially after considering the effects Accutane has had on my health. Slow healing wounds, eyes always dry, chapped lips and dry skin 6 years after taking the drug. Besides, going on a long-term low dose of Accutane is what I consider band-aid medicine; it may help, but it does absolutely nothing to correct the problem at the source.
  16. What Rakbs posted above is more or less the point I was trying to make. I have been "doing my research" for years. I have probably read on the topic much more than you. I have cut out red meat, it made me miserable and i was losing weight at an incredible rate even though I was eating a 4500 calories diet approved by several nutritionists. 2 weeks after adding red meat back in, all the muscle tissue I lost was back. I have had 2 colonics done by a long time professional. I ended up in the hosp
  17. None of this is backed by any science. It feels like you just finished reading a few of those natural healing websites who promote a vegan diet and then came over here to share the "information" with us. Red meat has been a staple of the human diet for much more than a million years. Several studies have concluded that the red meat's dense nutrition and high calories are what allowed our brains to develop way beyond any other animal on the planet. Of course there is a huge difference between co
  18. All your post really says is: "Listen to your dermatologist". A lot of people have done that religiously for years and years without getting any results. Your point of view is no less "retarded" than theirs, especially since you bring absolutely no new information.
  19. God I wish you'd stop spewing out your ignorant rhetoric garbage Necromancer. I spend about $160 Canadian on food weekly. 90% of if isn't even organic, that would just completely ruin me.
  20. The Aubrey Organics line is awesome.
  21. I eat sausages from US Wellness Meats every morning. Ingredients are 100% grass fed beef, sea salt, paprika, onion and garlic powder. They taste amazing and contain none of the garbage you'll find in any brand of sausages you'd buy in a grocery store.