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  1. It's rediculous. I always feel so much better and more confident when my skin isn't breaking out. But whenever it is I always hate myself and never do anything. Anyone else feel this way, like bascially how you feel is entirely based on how you look?
  2. I wash my hair once a week... ; But it's kinda dry hair, so yeah.
  3. Ok, that looks kinda severe. Maybe you could try accutane?
  4. It's definitely not ingrown hair. But oh well... It's clearing up right now..
  5. are you a dumbass?! xD that video's a fake!!! there was a whole article or something on newgrounds saying that some moron make that video for some science project.
  6. Wa? I think masturbating makes my acne kinda get better for a day... or something. But I'm a girl, so it my acne might work differently or something.
  7. omg, i get pimples on my thigh too... it's awful!! Dx
  8. Omg, never leave your pimples. If you can, pop them for sure. Those idiots who tell not to, don't listen. If you don't pop a pimple, they'll take like 3 times as long to go away.
  9. I get acne on my legs quite a bit, but never too bad... But still. Does anyone else have this problem?
  10. Lucky you! You get to take accutane... Anyway, I think you can still shave while using accutane. Otherwise how could any of the female patients wear short sleeves or skirts ever again?
  11. My dermatologist hasn't given me anything that actually works yet... Should I just go to a different doctor now or something?