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  1. So I currently have 2 huge active spots. Why you ask? Because I extracted 2 blackheads which turned into two HUGE pimples... So now I'm terrified to touch any other blackheads EVER! And I also learned coconut milk Makes my face inflamed even more! So here's to healing! On a good note, the right side of my face hasn't broken out in almost a month Its healing very nicely!!
  2. Unfortunately, I'm currently breaking out due to a medication the doc tried me on:( I eat a multigrain rice cake that's 22 calories per each one and super super low in carbs.
  3. I just use clinique face bar and elta md spf 30 plus moisturizer. Sometimes ill do short contact therapy with benzoyl peroxide
  4. Brave I stopped Ziana because my dermatologist told me she didn't feel I needed it any longer. It made my face ridiculously oily so I needed something else to just clear up what was left. If you look at my beginning photos, it did work to some extent. Gracie, here is what my day looks life. bfast: 2 eggs, 1 slice of homemade almond bread, and a cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Snack: handful of mixed nuts with NO peanuts in it. Lunch: paleo pancakes with a tiny bit of sugar fre
  5. Have you tried almond bread recipe? Its homemade almond bread that I eat quite a bit of. I also eat a LOT of veggies for my carbs.
  6. Day 26 into diet. No active spots. All scarring Whether I have candida or not is not why I'm following this diet. I'm following it cause it cuts out 4 main factors that peoples bodies react to; sugar, dairy, wheat, and peanuts. This has been successful for me in treating MANY symptoms ... One being my acne Its all low GI foods that fuel my body
  7. 3 weeks into the diet! 1 deep spot on my chin that has not and probably won't come to a head... I know its from ovulating (lovely hormones)!! Other than that, doing great!! I have started a skin lightening cream from my underage melasma and my acne scars
  8. Is it unsweetened? Any type of sugar affects my face. In fact, my bloodwork showed I was prediabetic so I changed my diet 2 weeks ago.
  9. Depending on what dairy product your speaking of, its loaded with sugar. And 9 times out of 10, gluten free products contain high amounts of sugar. Have you cut out sugar? Bread? Pasta? White rice and white flour?
  10. Dandy I eat no grains, no sugar, and no dairy. It isn't easy. Its pretty much lean meats, veggies, and water. I use cauliflower and blend it to make rice. I use unsweetened vanilla almond milk instead of regular milk. I use vegan cheese, chicken as crust for pizza, only stevia as my sweetener, and lots of water. Absolutely no sugar, dairy, or high GI foods. I eat zero fruits as of now either has sugar triggers my acne!
  11. Thanks for updating My face is still doing quite well on a strict diet I'm only 13 days in so no dabbling on any problem foods for awhile. BIG test will be when my next period comes in the beginning of March so we shall see! For now, I'm feeling blessed for another clear free day!!
  12. Do you have a whole foods store near you? I was able to find a gluten free, low sugar, low carb cereal that I use unsweetened vanilla almond milk with!! Then I use truvia to sweeten on top!
  13. Me!! I lift weights 6 days a week! I use an app called bodyspace. Download it, signup, and then you have thousands of programs laid out for you on your phone you can track Gives instructions and shows exercises too!!
  14. I use Elta Md Spf 30

    Love this sunscreen! Doesn't leave a white cast, doesn't break me out, doesnt make my Face red when applying it or after, and contains spf! The one I use is also a moisturizer so its double in 1 product for me! Price is a tad expensive but absolutely worth it!