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  1. Thank you so much for your response. I would love to hear from more people with Retin-A prescriptions. It seems since everyone else only pays $10-$40 for theirs, my own insurance is pretty despicable, as they have repeatedly refused to cover any of my Retin-A - even though it's clearly written out for "Acne." I am extremely frustrated.
  2. For those of you who have a prescription for Retin-A written out specifically for acne by your doctor, and who have insurance to cover this Retin-A, how little for the Retin-A (Micro) do you usually pay? I am trying to get a feel for how good/bad my own insurance is.
  3. This is what helped immensely for both redness as well as my cystic acne scars (amazing for this!!). I just called my dermatologist office where I used to live when my new derm required this background information. I have all the joules/epi info, too, which I am sure my new derm in my city will find useful in determining what is best for my skin. The Lumenis Vasculite was used. Is anyone familiar with this? Honestly, I don't seem to find much on it on the Internet other than company info.
  4. Isn't this the lowest-end of the 3 VBeams available? Given that I paid a premium to have this administered by a dermatologist, please tell me the Aesthetica isn't a weak-level machine one might find at a spa.
  5. Yes; new purpura is red. As it fades, it is pink, and gets lighter and lighter until the color dissipates altogether. Only time will tell when it fades completely, since this is my first time!
  6. Monthly? Bimonthly? Less often? I am trying to get a feel of what dermatologists recommend on average in terms of frequency for IPL treatments.
  7. I had a pretty intense VBeam treatment 13 days ago. My bruising is gone for the most part, but now I am left with pink marks on my forehead, cheeks, and chin. Approximately how long does that take to fade? I am so tired of feeling self-conscious!
  8. Would this be a laser? IPL? I would love to hear feedback on what posters here feel addresses ice-pick acne scars. Not red marks - faint ice pick acne scars.
  9. Oh wow, I had to look "xanthelasma" up - scary images. I've seen almost unanimously-awful accounts on TCA peels. Positive reviews and experiences for them tend to be the exception rather than the rule. Doctors have huge egos about alternate suggestions. I have to wonder if she's ever given a peel with such a high percentage before? Oh - and the reason the nurse cited the brand of the TCA was because I asked.
  10. Did a little bit more research on percentages ... So, is 55% then not the so-called "gold standard" for a medium TCA peel? www.touchbriefings.co.uk/pdf/1746/Torok.pdf
  11. Thank you for this information. For a TCA peel performed by a dermatologist (not the stuff purchased off eBay), what is the typical percentage?