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  1. Thanks for the advice, I know its deffo not hygiene as I'm a very clean person I've never really had a problem of sensitive skin so I don't think its that. The only thing I can think of would be hormonal or dietary...
  2. Thanks for you advice, I will try to sort out my diet and see what happens. Good luck to you too
  3. MrMatt25, thanks for your advice and I'll deffo give it a try.
  4. Hi there, Been on oxytetracycline (antibiotics) for 3 months now, it has definitely controlled my acne and has reduced. I think my doc is going to take me off them soon. However, I am now worried that once I come off antibiotics all the acne is going to come back again. Does anybody have any long-term solutions to keep acne at bay or get rid of it? p.s. my skin doesn't normally react well to stuff being applied onto it Thanks
  5. Hi there, Havent been active for ages so I have only just seen this. Currently coming to the end of 3 months of using my medication. It has definitely helped clear my skin although I do still have a few spots every few days. It's shame that they didn't work long-term for you, hopefully mine won't come back worse when I come off the antibiotics. What would you recommend as a long-term solution? Thanks
  6. Hi all, This is my first ever post on acne.org. Today I have been prescribed oxytetracycline which I believe is an antibiotic which must be taken orally. Along with this my GP has told me to use 'acnecide' which is basically a brand of benzoyl peroxide 5%. Has anyone who has taken either of these medications (or both) had any success, and if you so how long did it take to see improvement? Thanks