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  1. Hello! I've been on Accutane for over two months and have had pretty much no side effects except for dry lips / hands. However, the day of the two month mark my girlfriend told me my eyes were red (after they had been itchy for the day) and I believe I had dry eyes. I have a few questions about this however. A) I'm living at a college in Massachusetts, I ::never:: had problems with this before this point in time. I am wondering if the dry eyes could be caused by a complete lack of sleep (they
  2. Cetaphil Non-comedomic moisturizer is just amazing. I had the same problem you did, and all it has done is help my skin be moist and smooth Try it! You'll love it. (http://www.chickadvisor.com/files/images/items/large/11570004491925582964.jpg)
  3. After reading about the side-effects that everyone posts about, I was TERRIFIED about accutane. Depression, joint pain, etc... truly terrifying. I did notice however that the drug had some rather clear information printed on it... A) It can dehydrate you. B) Take it with a fatty meal. I wanted to know if violating these "rules" could be a cause of many of the side effects, thus my "regimen" was born: 1) Only take accutane after a "fatty" meal high in protein. 2) Drink LOTS of water. Step
  4. Well, I took my first capsule yesterday and a few more questions cropped up. 1) I know accutane takes a while to get into my system, can I still continue using DKR for a few days so I don't have an earlier breakout? 2) My course of action is going to be DKR Cleanser > Cetaphil Moisterizer > Spot treat w/ Tea Tree Oil. Any other recommendations? Thank you
  5. Hello. I've been using the DKR for a while now with moderate success (although admittedly, the last month it hasn't been helping too greatly). I went to see a derm today and he is going to put me on accutane as soon as my blood work is processed. I have a few days to gather the supplies I need- my question is, how should I take care of my skin while on accutane? I heard that BP is harmful, so would Dan's Cleanser + Moisterizer do the trick? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. (As a
  6. Hello. Where I'm at, the backlog to get into the dermatologists is till Feburary. I am suffering VERY bad acne and scarring on my body. Would my doctor be able to prescribe accutane for me? Many antibiotics and prescription creams and lotions have failed over the last 10 years. Thank you!
  7. I know this is a relatively old post- but I've experienced quite a bit of staining as well. I also have a "cleft" in the enamel on my front tooth which I attribute to minocycline as well. I have to ask though, do other antibiotics (besides tetracycline) cause this as well?
  8. Hello! I've recently started to work out/ play sports and I am a PROFUSE sweater! I was curious- after I play I normally shower... I rewash my face with dan's cleanser but I don't reapply BP or moisterizer. Is this the correct course of action? Should I reapply the BP and moisterizer or just not rewash my face? I figure since I exercise 5-6 hours after I apply the BP the BP would have already been "used up" so it's no neccessary to reapply, but I'm not sure. Thanks!
  9. What do you mean by an AHA moisterizer? Is Dan's one of those?
  10. Hey guys! Brief question for you all: I've been using the regimen for about two weeks now with what I would consider rather good results! I've had VERY few new pimples surface and my skin itself is getting quite a bit clearer. However- I cannot tell if it's because I'm paying more close attention to my skin and am noticing things I didn't notice before... but it almost looks as if I am getting more milia on my face! Granted- over the years I have accumulated quite a few of the little buggers,
  11. I've had really bad chest and back acne for as long as I can remember- it is one of my major self-esteem issues (I refuse to swim, etc). I found this site a couple of days ago, and I saw two very interesting clauses: "...humid areas (hot showers, etc) can promote acne" and "Benzoyl peroxide oxiginates the skin..." Now, that instantly rung several bells in my head in that ever-so-classic "DING DING DING" fashion. Since I've had my body acne I've done three things things: A) I have taken eve
  12. I am so glad I found this site! I have been struggling with mild to moderate acne on my face for the last 13 years... and got tired of it. I've been on Proactiv for nearly a year without success and I found this site. I read the way to apply the regimen, ordered it, and started to apply Proactiv like the regimen and it seems to be working >_> Woo! So I wait here anxiously for the regimen to arrive, but I have some questions to make sure I do it right. I really don't have any "specific"