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  1. I don't know if im right but i think that you should use sunscreen, something about sun exposure and acids. Yeh i think your skin has to get used to the wash, maybe cut down to using it once a day if it is bothering you that much. Also, Elf Salad i notice you are from the UK...did u order it from the US and how long did it take to get shipped? Thanks
  2. Is there a huge difference in this aqua glycolic and other glycolic products because i live in the UK and dont really want to spend money on something from the US when i could perhaps buy something similar from this site www.perfectskin.uk.com Just wondering, by no means is the aqua gylcolic stuff expensive but its the shipping that just adds up. Thanks for any help x
  3. Well today i've decided after consulting my derm and doctor that i want to go back on Spironolactone. I stopped at the beginning of this year after taking it for a year and half, i was really happy with the results. However, when i started to take it firts time around, i got the worst most nasty initial breakout, from which i scarred. Im worried that i will have another initial breakout and i really dont want...do you think it is still possible to have an initial breakout from something youve ta
  4. My derm said i had to, something to do with not being safe to stay on it longer than a year. I wish i hadn't come off it.
  5. I think i have PCOS. i went for a scan about 2 years ago and they said i had a cyst on my left ovary, i took my scan photo to the derm and he never really said anything else about it. I went to another derm, she prescribed me Spiro in Sept 2005, it worked really well until i had to get off it a year later (Sept2006). Im now back with horrible acne, cysts that as you all know, scar no matter what. The thing with Spiro is that when i had my inital breakout...it was the worst thing i have ever be
  6. Did you go privately to see Dr Chu? Im going to go to my GP and ask for a referral, hoping to go privately. Hope your treatment is going well
  7. Where to start "You look like something from Star Trek with all those spots on your forehead" "Pimple face" "Scarface" "Lets play dot to dot" "whats all those holes in your face" "Once your skin clears up, you'll be really pretty" "Get a facial, your skin is terrible" "Those spots are horrendous" "Get a fringe, it will cover up all your spots on your forehead" "Erghh" "You've broken out quite badly" "What happened to your face" The worst part is that most of that has come from my family. One g
  8. Fantasising/daydreaming - Sounds nuts and most will think im insane but i tend to live in my head alot...it blocks out the pain. Drinking Tea Listening to a great new track on my ipod when im in bed. Talking to someone i like Buying new clothes, i feel good when i wear something nice and new When its raining like mad outside and you are all warm inside and you know all those little brats are at school in the bloody cold! Having a cigarette on a balcony overlooking London, when its about 5-6'o cl
  9. Hello, What is the best way to cover scars. I use mineral make up and it covers up redness etc beautifully but i can still see my scarring, particulary on one side of my face where a bunch of ice picks and a few boxcars are together, so its more obvious... any help will be great thanks x
  10. So you purcahsed your TCA Cross kit from novaclinic? Can you please give me the link bcoz when i google that site doesnt come up. Thanks. Oh and Savlon is perfect to put on the scars after youve crossed, The USA people will all use Neosporin but we dont have that, so i found savlon to be the next best thing. good luck
  11. Aidy

    Hey! thanks for the comment, i wish you luck too! and im sure ur very pretty, although you have no images up!

    Hope you are well!


  12. Hi Suz im glad all is going well for you. I was just wondering where did you get your TCA Cross from? Do u ever find it difficult applying SPF over your face when u have had TCA Cross done, i was always afraid of accidentally rubbing off the crusts. Anyways good luck with the rest of your treatment?
  13. i scarred after getting huge cysts from an intial breakout from the medicine i was taking. I didnt pick or anything, i just left them and i scarred horribly. I have a cyst type thing atm, which i know will scar. I guess the only way to not scar is to not get acne, so find a regimen that helps you get clear or can ward of spots as soon as u get them. Avoid acne, avoid scarring. Imstill trying to find away to stop getting cysts, good luck with your skin. x x
  14. Yep, thats the colour i would describe it aswell. Ive emailed her before and never got a reply...so i dont know if i should bother. I dont know if there is any other way to find out the answer...i might try PM a few acne org users who have used TCA cross over a long period...it might have happened to them. Cheers for replying to my posts Libertine
  15. Yeh, i got mine from the same place. Has yours turned a different colour or is it clear still? Noone else has replied so i guess nobody knows the answer. x