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  1. Hey Board, I was just curious as to what you think the best moisturizer for a man's face is. I currently use Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 but I'm starting to think my face doesn't like it. I use it right after I use the Gentle Face Wash. I haven't used it in a few days and my face is almost completely spot free. My acne isn't very bad to begin with, but I'm just wondering if maybe I should use no moisturizer at all or if there is something else you all can suggest, that won't make me b
  2. So, Like I may have mentioned before, my acne may be very mild but I'm still getting breakouts on my forehead. This pimple (Pictured Below) came about a few days ago, and I don't even have a clue why. I started using Paula's Choice 1% BHA 3 weeks ago, 1-2 times a week. Now I've also switched from Nivea For Men Sensitive Skin Wash to Nivea For Men Double Action Face Wash. I'm starting to believe I don't have sensitive skin and the Gentle Cleanser I've been using, while not exfoliating AT ALL
  3. Do you all think I should try the AHA+ that they sell on this site now? Like I mentioned earlier, I started using BHA 1% once or twice a week. The other day I even tried the 2% that I still had sitting around, now I have two pimples on my forehead. Do you think AHA would help someone like me with very mild acne? I don't use BP anymore, never did anything for my skin and I kept hearing how bad it was all the time.
  4. Ha, Well I went out the past few nights and kept getting looks from girls left and right. (I always seem to keep my guard really high though when at the bars/clubs, so of course I don't talk to any of them.) I currently don't have a pimple on my skin so it must not be acne. I've never considered myself to be one of those "good looking" guys all the girls go after though so who knows. Either way, great weekend though, and I think I'm starting to realize that I really do have mild acne if anyth
  5. I have never been on Accutane. I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and see what happens over the next few months. It just makes me wonder sometimes when everywhere I go, I seem to notice people looking at me for a delayed length of time. Sometimes I wonder if it's because of a pimple, or that I'm weird, haha!
  6. Hey board, I just got to thinking and it's been quite a while since I've posted on here. Hope all of you are doing well, and curing your acne. I recently noticed that my face has been breaking out again. This is the worse it's been in about 6 months. (See Pics below). I always tend to get pimples right between my eyes, and on the sides of my forehead. Those are the most common spots they appear, one after another. I will also get them on my forehead and on my cheeks every now and then. T
  7. Hi, I just recently started exfoliating again. I only get very mild acne on my forehead a few times a month, so I'm only using Paula's Choice BHA 1% Gel once a week right now. I figure my pores are being clogged from dead skin cells. After you clean your face and apply it, are you supposed to wash the Gel off or leave it on? It doesn't say anything about washing it off on the bottle, but a lot of websites say to wash it off. Thanks if you have an answer.
  8. Thanks for all of the advice and opinions. I'm going to keep eating healthy and continue to work out like I always have. Not sure what else I can do to clear up the small amount of pimples I still get. It's funny because the girl at work said that my head looked better today. I said what are you talking about? She said, you had a pimple the other day. I said, have you never seen a pimple before? I am human you know.. and she was speechless. She goes, well I've never seen a pimple on you
  9. Yeah, I hope you are too. Everyone is different. Good luck to you!
  10. No, she has perfect skin, but suffers from obesity. She's not horrible fat by any means, but definitely bigger. I'm sure if I said something about her weight, she would be very upset, but I respect people and their issues, so I keep my mouth shut.
  11. Yes, I use it occasionally. Didn't use it once during the 6 month break of no products. I used it the other night. It's Paula's Choice too. I don't think it's ever helped though. I just put it on active pimples in case to see what happens. Yeah, 4 more years it is, haha.
  12. When I used her products, I washed twice a day and used the 2% BHA Gel at night. I feel like the products started to really irritate my skin, so I dropped everything all together. Looking back, I've wasted tons of $ on products that never really benefited me. I even bought that Zeno product and it didn't do anything. I just need to find the core root of where I get these random breakouts. Oh yeah, the girl at work definitely wants me, ha. She always finds a way to talk to me, but this was
  13. I've been battling mild acne since high school, and now at 23, I still get pimples popping up every week. I stopped using everything but water for about 6 months, and didn't notice much of an improvement. This time last year I was using a lot of Paula's Choice products but those didn't clear me up much either. Now I just use a very mild cleanser from Nivea for Men every other day or so. How bad would you say my acne is? Any tips for clearing this up? I've never had one person comment on my
  14. Hey board, I was just curious of something. Since the weather is starting to get cold, I noticed that this is the time of year where my skin starts to get more dry and flaky. Probably the same for most of you out there as well. Well, my face looks better than ever, and it feels great. I'd like to keep it that way. BTW, I only use water and the baby brush method to clean it, twice a day. So I was wondering, what is a good moisturizer to apply to the dry areas, which are mainly just around