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  1. I'm starting to think there is some truth here. My face is pretty terrible right now; it's itchy, red, irritated, I'm breaking out...it's just a complete mess. We have hard water here at home. But recently I went to New York and stayed at the Marriott. The water there was much softer than here at home. I only stayed for 5 days, but man, I couldn't believe how good my skin was feeling and looking. It was unbelievable. Then, as soon as I got back home, my skin turned back to the worst. The
  2. I agree with the post above, acne does worsen when starting a new topical. When I started using Duac, Duac AM and Differin .3% PM, my skin got horribly worse for like 7-10 days. But after that, my skin remained remarkably clear (maybe a stray zit from here to there). Sadly, I think they've discontinued Duac... But trust me and stick with it. And maybe ask your derm for another topical such as Differin to be used in conjunction with your Duac. Good luck.
  3. So I tried to refill a prescription from CVS of Duac today and they said that they couldn't because the manufacturer has discontinued the product. Is CVS wrong or is this true? If this is true, what other medication would work similiarly to this, as Duac has worked pretty well for me til now. I've heard Benzaclin is pretty much the same...but not sure because I've never used it. Thanks for any replies
  4. The post above mine is a good starter, but honestly, eating all healthy organic foods will help your acne, but it is not a cure. I've tried it with some success, but acne is in your genes. Have you tried Accutane? I had HORRIBLE cystic acne when I was 14-15 yrs old, like the type you see on TV that makes you cringe. I took Accutane and it got rid of 99% of my cystic acne, but I still had some moderate acne. Currently I'm on Duac and Differin (.3% gel) and it's working pretty good. Like I s
  5. Hey guys, I'm tired of having bad skin (it's been like 11 years now), and I've done pretty much everything possible, accutane, antibiotics, duac, differin, the regimen, I mean EVERYTHING. So, last night I bought Oxy-Powder, MSM, and Glutamine (I heard acne can be caused by leaky gut syndrome and apparently MSM and Glutamine heal it). I'm gonna do the Oxy-Powder cleanse system first, then start with the MSM and Glutamine. Everything will be here Saturday, Dec. 1st, so I will try to remember to
  6. I'm a 24 yr old male and currently have mild to moderate acne; I used to have extremely bad acne (cysts and all that stuff) when I was younger, which left a lot of scars on my face. Also, 9 months ago I went out in the sun without sunscreen and a face full of Proactiv Extra Strength on my face which terribly damaged my skin (my stupidity I guess). So now, my skin tone/color is pretty terrible; my cheeks have been darkened by the sun damage. My parents have been pushing me to get a facial at a
  7. For a definitive answer, buy organic green tea bags that have been naturally decaffeinated (found at any grocery store for about $3 per 16 bags) and drink that for a week...if you get the same results, perhaps you're allergic to the tea. I personally like drinking green tea. I'm not sure if it does anything for my acne, but I know it's very good for you. I used to buy all the Arizona stuff, but pretty much all their products contain high fructose corn syrup (supposedly the #1 culprit of obese
  8. *Just Speculation* but maybe this is a good thing because your pores might be more open and not getting all clogged up... Personally, I like having a good sweat; I'm not sure if the dirt, oil, and dead skin cells actually get evacuated by the sweat, but I like to think so.
  9. The acne issue aside, ZMA is a great product. Any guy taking it will tell you he has never woken up without a morning wood (sorry for the vulgarity, but there's really no other way of stating it)...so something has to be working there, testosterone boosting or something else, who knows... I've been taking ZMA for a while, off and on for like 7 years, and really don't think it helps or hurts acne. Maybe taking zinc alone will help acne...but I'm not a research scientist. btw, squats as well a
  10. It doesn't really matter I think. If you got wounds or acne, the necessary zinc will be used to heal it up. Whatever you don't use gets stored or pissed out.
  11. Sorry, I'm an idiot and left out a pretty important part of my regimen. I also take 50mg of Minocycline in the mornings. I've been taking Min. on and off now for about 6 years and honestly, I think it's lost its acne-killing ability for me. But even if it works on 2% of acne, I'll take it . I also take a lot of other supplements which I'll list below. And foremost (well for me at least) I get plenty of exercise: 2 hrs at the gym 3-5x's a week, soccer 2x a week, running 1-3x's a week, and
  12. For me, it would be impossible to use a pea sized amount for my whole face. I use just enough so that it easily absorbs in, without leaving any excess. And that equates to about 4 pea sized amounts for equal coverage of my face, jawline, and underchin area.
  13. Just to update you guys, I've been using this Duac and Differin regimen for about 7 days now. My initial breakout was terrible. I haven't really gone out in public since I started. Not only did my acne get worse, but my skin's texture got a lot worse too. Flakiness, dryness and irritation was pretty damn bad. Thankfully, it's slowly starting to get better. I've also noticed that my acne comes to head a lot faster, which I presume is a good thing. To combat my skin's texture/dryness issues