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  1. from what i know u should have patience and try to live a happy live. anyway, how are u canim? U got some pics? just updated my blog after months, with some pics. Life is beautiful. Ur from the USA? Cool, i might come to conquer ur country soon, i heard its a pretty big country though. Anyway, have a nice day canim.
  2. Thanks a lot for ur replies. Means a lot for me since this website was important to me in times of need. While on accutane did you experience all the side effects? Yeah most definately. I had dry lips all the time. However the most worse side effect was the significant increase of acne. Based on all the accutane logs its quite unusual to have like i did, but then again, im still happy that i did it. nataliemarie Posted Mar 12 2008, 06:41 PM Wouter I just read your whole log & it is my
  3. AROUND 100 days off the RoAccutane. And Im so happy! My skin is beautiful, no zits whatsoever. Right now im in Istanbul, enjoying an exchange program. Ill add some more info later on, but im really in a hurry. Nonetheless i promised pics, so here is one. Love u all and thanks for the support. Lets hope it will stay like this. x
  4. go visit a shrink, read a book, focus on life and the inside. allah allah!
  5. allright allright. this weekend ill post a picture. as for now: 32 days off the tane! not as white as i used to be, travelled some more, studied hard and ate not so healthy: nothing. Im a lucky guy.
  6. congratulations! if u experience some setbacks, dont get discouraged, just some small waves which will eventually bring u to the calm ocean. As for me: 19 days off the accutane elixer. No single new one, very nice. Red marks: time is my best and worst friend i guess.
  7. 15 days off. no difference, which is a good thing because I went to Brussels for a couple of days and catched so less sleep this last week. Also my foodintake was not what my mama wants me to eat. Therefore not a single new one is fantastic.
  8. 8 days off the tane and guess what? My lips are far from being as dry as they used to be. I put on vaseline only twice today, while I talked and talked all day long. I had to guide some futurestudents and afterwards made fun along with the other staffmembers. Anyway, had a nice day. Tomorrow Im going to start rebuilding a little tan.