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  1. I went in for my check up on Accutane (40mgx 1per day) I had a totally great last week with like super smooth skin and NO pimples at all.... I was doing the HAPPY DANCE- then I took it a bit further and put on some make up for my anniversary.... WOKE UP today.... WHAM 4 WHOPPERS... IM so mad... Anyways Dr was very pleased with my Labs and wrote my script for 26 more pills and I will be finished. Told me not to get worked up about it that I still have time to heal it up... Im just really really
  2. Hi Dont forget you only have a certain amount of time to get the script filled too... Good luck to you!
  3. WOW- Im honored that this many ppl decided to discuss this point. My Derm Dr did indeed call me that night and said that I was in good standing because the good chol was within or exceeding ranges. I have started an excercise regimine (small one) and trying to eat better. He said to not get really upset about it and that he was anxious to see me too! WHOOOO HOOOOO (Not really in that way but Im in a good mood today) I woke up almost totally free today and that always feels good) I dont drink and
  4. If I were you- Id operate on those babies very carefully instead of squeezing (unless you are chronic picker) Always use a sterile needle (I use lancets the kind you get for diabetic testing) they are disposable and sterile... the more u squeeze the bigger area you will get from spreading the bacteria. I have also changed to 2.5 BP and it has helped a ton over the 5 and 10% stuff. Anyways Im sorry you are having a painfully time... Hope it gets better soon for you.
  5. Yes I had fasted. The liver function was good . Thanks for the input.
  6. Nope no great diet thing- I am a petite woman I guess my metabolism is just good thats all. Up until 1.5 years ago I didnt even have a pimple I run a daycare so Im chasing kids all day I guess that's good workout. Thanks for your advice I feel better now!
  7. Ok so Im 40 and on my 8th week of accutane. I had the initial bloodwork done and the results were ok, now these were done and mailed to me. My Cholestral is HIGH and Im worried now. It wasnt before and now it is... I dont go to my next appt til the 18th and Im freaking out. So if someone would help me out here- I called the Dr and of course they said I had to wait. Here's the numbers: Total Chol: 215 Triglycerides: 65 HDL: 69 LDL:133 AST: 27 ALT: 31 so my liver function is ok. but what abou
  8. I take my 40 mg dose after supper-I read that it fends well in the body after a "fatty" meal (not necissarialy a french fried greasy type meal) but a healthier well rounded meal. (but what do I know?) LOL
  9. Poor thing! - I really feel for you- I get these cysts too - I am crushing up asprian and useing as a poultice to help with my pain. Maybe try this? Dont feel down. I know you think everyone is looking at you but they arent really. Feel better soon!
  10. HI Ive heard you can crush up an asprian and use it as a poultice to help the inflammed... Im starting this tonight on my inflamed ones! Good luck!
  11. Do you see any kind of improvement? Im only in to my start of the 2nd month- Im still breaking out but they sure dont last as long as before. Im just taking it day by day... Good luck to you.
  12. HI- I have only been posting on this thread so I thought I would post my update- Not to mention that I am extrememly elated that I have found this out! I have been discussing my problems with every woman that comes along HOPING that some one will have good advice..... well- I was talking to a friend who said Acne doesnt itch! Well no it doesnt BUT Im weird she said to look up eczema - I was skeptical but I did it- GUESS WHAT? THATS IT! OMG its classic TEXTBOOK! Im sad that I have went to numero
  13. Gloriana, I am going for a chemical peel this Sat- I have been worried about it- it will be my first time. Im hoping for some good results, I saw that you had said you had these so I wanted to get your input. Im almost 40 and havenever had any kind of facial treatments (never went to the the salon) Ive talked to some ppl and they say it is painful I think Im a big chicken! So let me know your ideas- would you? Thanks CJ
  14. Weird thing happend to me re Spiro- I had my hormones filled and clyndamycin and the spiro- IT WAS FREE- Generic I guess either that Or I have really good prescription plan!