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  1. Hi everyone, i'm new to dermarolling and i'm going to start this weekend, i have 20% Vit C serum from ebay and some apeel from perfectcomplexion.net, what would be best to use as a topical to stimulate collagen and when should i apply it ? thank you.
  2. It's been a while since i've come to this board, my scars are still there, acne still active, new scars still coming up. I am doing my best to treat my acne but have always been skeptical of scar revision. In this day and age where is scar technology really? I mean creams, peels, lasers etc are not much of a solution for many of us. Are there any new treatments out there that show signs of hope for us?
  3. amnesiac


    Has anyone on the board had the loron procedure done? If so what were the results and the cost?
  4. So should i do fraxel or the PSR3??
  5. Here is a link with more information: PSR3
  6. I am thinking of doing this or the fraxel has anyone used this technology other than electroscars?
  7. any opinions on the PSR3 ?
  8. i'm really considering the PSR3 over fraxel i've been reading and it seems that the PSR3 provides better results with the same downtime and risks has anyone else done PSR3?
  9. so Rappaport charges around $4,700 for 3 fraxel sessions?
  10. problem is i can't do dermabrasion, because i know it will mess my face up and i know i won't be able to deal with having the float marks on my face so i'm guessing i'm doing the loron even if results aren't as good, sucks but i really can't do the floats because i can't risk the circular marks
  11. What is the best method to surface scars? I am thinking of doing the loron since it doesn't leave a mark but i don't know how the results may be, also the price is not that cheap. What is the best methos for surfacing boxcars and icepicks? Also around how much should these procedures cost?
  12. healingforgood- did you do subsicion also? Is the price you mentioned for what amount of treatments spaced what time apart?
  13. hey wantperfectskin, well no i'm not going to do dermabrasion, i'm planning on doing the loron procedure since i think it would be better than floats for me i plan to do fraxel then It's been a long time planning and saving but i'm feeling this is the right thing to do
  14. surfacing surgery( floats, loron, subscicion) before or after?
  15. I am looking to go to Metairie to see dr. loria about loron provedure but i can't find any hotel, can anyone suggest anything?
  16. surfacing surgery( floats, loron, subscicion) before or after?
  17. To all doing fraxel: Where are you getting it done? Does your doctor have a lot of experience? How much are you paying for full face??
  18. That's what I've heard and that's what they (the docs) claim. It's certainly one of my hopes to improve the texture that the CO2 laser ruined. ←
  19. What are you guys paying for each treatment? I need to find something around $500-700 a treatment with a good doctor.
  20. There different types of laser, look into fraxel. Not all lasers are bad, some are just old/barbaric technology like dermabrasion.
  21. i am really wanting to improve my skin texture, you think this will help??
  22. yeah there are methods to actually almost remove scars by regenerating the skin but do remember that TCA and such don't have any certainty of the effects they will have on the skin. Subsicion/loron work by resarfucing the old scar tissue and breaking it up so it heals more level, then the use of peels or a good laser like fraxe/PRS-3 will yield good results.
  23. Remember to do some sort of resurfacing before the fraxel, like loron, subscicion or punch floats, you will most likely have better results this way. I will be trying the loron and fraxel on december.
  24. technology will be our only hope. check out fraxel, i'll be doing that soon or PSR-3
  25. that's good news i plan to go there in december, let me know how things go for you kooky