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  1. And her name is mary jane. yea im cooked. wanan fight about it? DAMN
  2. You are weak to fear something you brought upon yourself. my grandfather told me that.
  3. The boldfaced parts are actually incorrect. UV radiation can damage your skin regardless of if you burn or not. Burning is caused by UVB radiation. This causes sunburn.....however UVA radiation goes down deeper into the dermis where it really does damage. It creates free radicals that destroy skin cells and wreak havoc on collagen, elastin, and other matrix proteins....UVA radiation can damage DNA.....which can lead to skin cancer..... The effects of UVA damage are cumulative. I agree th
  4. no change in my skin, and im outside 8-10 hours in direct sunlight
  5. thats why i drink till my liver dies.. rest fer 3 weeks.. then drink again... i couldn't imagine drinking everyday... are you nuts.
  6. i spot treat.. and leave on... and my face is lookin better, sadly my clumsy hands knocked over the 10$ bottle after 4 days of use