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  1. Hey Drenj32, Your acne atm is about as bad as mine was which is moderate (which sounds like an understatement for the amount of pain it puts us through) ANYWAY. My question for u is, are u doing anything at all to irritate ur skin? Over the years ive realised this can mean: 1. Washing it for too long i.e. more than 10 seconds or so 2. Scrubbing, rubbing or scratching ur face even with a clean towel will spread tiny bit of bacteria and make those pores react, swell slightly and clog up. 3.
  2. You could buy that...but u'd be paying for the water as well. Its ur choice, buy pre mixed or pure P.G and mix it at home
  3. Hey thatboythatgirl, I might be seeing something that isnt there (from the blurry pics) but it does look like uve got pityrosporum folliculitis. I say this because firstly uve got from wat i can see 2 pimples on ur stomach and then secondly a rashy blotchy look to ur skin (exactly wat i had). They are the two obvious signs of P.F. If the skin gets irritated very very easily, thats another sign u may have P.F. But still, go to ur G.P to find out for sure. Then if u do have P.F u can come back f
  4. Great results My opinion is the majority of the improvement is from the needling and thats been boosted by the topicals. Gotta be happy with the outcome regardless of cause
  5. Can someone tell me? I want to needle myself with a diabetic syringe Man that sounds like a bad idea, though it may be the perfect way to make them WORSE. I'd get some professional help, or at the very least buy a proper DIY "rollcit" kit.
  6. Hey Adell, From my experience, i'd recommend using both. I've probably done as many PDT/ALA treatments as anyone in the last 2 1/2 years. And about 10 months ago i started using the Sciart-Enlux blue light. So wat im doing is using the sciart at home as a day to day treatment with the PDT/ALA as a booster, every six months or year. Ive got a question for u. Do u really find the 8 treatments of blue light do anything for u? I started off with the 8x bluelight and found it did absolutly n
  7. Prinny, as wanna be said, give ur skin time to heal. As youve had both subcision and dermarolling (needling) done wait at least 6 months before u make ur decision on the results. When u say "needling after dermarolling" wat were u refering to? Needling as in doing it urself at home?
  8. Guys, im sure any one of ur local pharmacists, chemist, or drug stores will have it, it'll probably cheaper too.
  9. tvmfan1234, I usually steer clear of this "emotional and psyc" part of the forum just because people are mostly depressed when posting here, but reading ur honest post was great. For the majority of people that have or had acne our minds cant get past the "fact"? that the majority of the population doesnt have acne (im taking into account the entire pop. from babies to the elderly) and we are different because of it. It takes a special sort of person to deflect the snied remarks of the dumb
  10. Willow, Yeh, this was about two years ago i had the p.f. I applied the prop.glyc. twice a day quite liberally as it soaks into ur skin after about 5 mins or so, mind u i had it from neck to toe so was in the "nut". After two weeks of using it i couldnt actually see the p.f. but that doesnt mean it has gone. Because prop gly is so subtle and not harsh in anyway i was happy to use it for longer. A year later i had a few spots of p.f. arond the crotch "ahem" but then again p.f. comes around due t
  11. Hey everyone, Ive just been browsing through this topic and noticed all the varied products people are trying, to kill the P.F. I'd just like to encourage everyone to TRY Propylene Glycol. It's extremely safe (approved by the F.D.A) and worked wonders for myself, i know a few others are trying it at the moment. If u'd like to try it, buy some propylene glycol from the drug store and mix it 1:1 with water. I used a spray bottle for easy application. Have a shower and gently rub down the affe
  12. Hey weedman, From what i know about PDT/ALA it doesnt directly reduce oil production. What the doctors at the clinic i go to have said is that when they do the more serious exposure treatments with ALA (i.e.) leaving the cream on for 1 to 2 hours that the persons pores (some not all basically disappear). I didnt think it was possible, but apparently it is. My experience with oil production after my PDT-ALA treatments is that as my skin has become clearer and less irritated the oil on my skin
  13. Hey adc23, Ive just been reading ur experiences with PDT/ALA and just thought id tell u that wat ur experiencing is normal. Just keep in mind that u cant been irritating ur skin in any way. (Stating the obvious i know). So as long as ur not picking-aggrevating ur skin it should continue to clear up over the next few months, this is from my experience of PDT, and ive had quite a few I started off with moderate acne about two years ago, and each time i had PDT my skin took obvious steps forwar
  14. WOOOOOOOOOO! Someone else finally tried Prop. Glycol. This is great news for me as ive been seeing dozens of people (on these forums) in bad places because of P.F. I tried advocating people to TRY prop. gly. but noone seemed to get it. It's not the answer for all people with P.F, though i believe it will help most. Hey chuck, i found it best to apply the PROP GLY. after a shower. Gently rub down the affected area while in the shower with a face towel for e.g to get rid of any dead skin cells
  15. Hey guys, Just a quickie. To those of you who have cystic acne and r looking into blue light ALA/Levulan u should realise that this treatment takes patience and some money. Its taken me numerous PDT ALA treatments to get my skin close to clear. Me and the doctors experimented (lol costing more money than i wanted), first with just blue light treatments which did bubbcus, then with Blue light ALA. With the ALA my skin would slowly improve stage by stage. After speaking to a member on this for