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  1. Power Metal: I like Nightwish..I love their ballads like "Swanheart" , "Sleeping Sun", "Forever Yours" ...Tarja's voice is just lovely.. Melodic Metal stuff like In Flames (old stuff of course): "Ordinary Story", "Embody the Invisible" "Only for the weak", "Wayfarer" ..and their solos kick ass! Trance/Chillout/Ambient: ATB (addicted to music , No silence), Chicane (all albums!), VA Chillout Erotic Sessions, VA Erotic Lounge vol 1-2, Paul Van Dyk, Blank and Jones. and also some latin music lik
  2. q mal verte derrotado tan rapido hermano! I recommend you talk to her. Just follow your heart.
  3. turnergirl, is that you the girl in yuor avatar?
  4. sorry i made another topic. i really cried reading his last topic. I hope this guy is ok.
  5. Last Active 15th January 2005 - 01:54 PM does anyone know him in real life? i'm in the USA atm, i cannot help him. This guy needs some serious help asap. I think if somebody in Canada visit him..maybe he can change his decision. I hope he is alive.
  6. drink green tea. It may help against inflamation.. drink 2-3 cups daily. I really feel bad when i read ur post, i almost drop a tear m8.... relax, u just need some peace and forget about your face for one moment. Do you like music? Music can change you i know for sure, listen to chicane and close your eyes..u'll love that stuff.. chicane - early
  7. Do you think she is better than this beauty? adriana lima is simply......but i know there are lotsa of latinas hotties out there...and they aren't shallow. Creep, Is she latina? mate, gimme some information of her, like her country and age. I can give you some advice (I'm latino). I'm not agree with many people here because girls from others countries are different. They think and act different. If she is hispanic from the south i know it is more about her culture. By your posts I don't thin
  8. the 'liver flushing placebo' its very interesting, . Many people say that those are "gallstones", who knows? My recommendation is talk with a decent doctor about this. I know for sure he will laugh of you. You will hear the same thing "Do not harm yourself son" . Olive oil can have a bad effect in many individuals. check this website.
  9. WheatBean, check this interesting topic. http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php...der=asc&start=0 Cheers.
  10. It doesnt look scars to me, just give it a some weeks to heal, you can try aloe vera gel. you are very cute , maybe a smile next time? /
  11. 4 Steps to Fight Inflammation October 2003 Here are some steps experts urge you to take now: • Eat at least three servings weekly of foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, including fish (especially salmon, tuna, trout, mackerel, herring or sardines) and flaxseed (available at health food stores and some drug stores). • Brush your teeth thoroughly, and get dental checkups two to four times a year. Regular plaque removal may lower the risk of heart disease. • Lo
  12. I think one pill of one a day has all the vitamins/minerals that you need to fight inflamation. what do you think, gamer?
  13. Defected. Heres a advice that an old man told me: "The way you see yourself, is the way how the people see you" Just think about it m8. You dont know how these words are changing my life defintely. I used to be shy before. When I was learning English in college, (and still) . I didn't have much friends in college, but I began to know more people now, and to smile, to love me more, you know its good for your health man, remember if you dont have anybody, God wont never leave you!. Good luck
  14. I have had excellent results with garlic. I was taking garlic pills and it made improvement in my skin, no more white heads, I used to have a few, but no more! , just some spots time to time, but damn I want to kill acne for good!! :-k . I will follow your advice to take raw garlic from now on.
  15. =D> I understand. Maybe, I am little ignorant about fasting, I have some scare to that word lol
  16. =D> I understand. Maybe, I am little ignorant about fasting, I have some scare to that word lol
  17. yea, I second that. Garlic can kill the acne bacteria, but I dont recommend eat it everyday. Garlic also can hurt your stomatch, its so potent! thats was my grandmother told me years ago. If you have whiteheads, its definetely because you have an infection problem, plain and simple. The garlic may alivate that infection, so in the first days when you are eating garlic you will notice a bunch a whiteheads, don't worry!,. It 's because garlic is fighting the infection, less than 2 weeks it w
  18. It is not fasting, I needed to edit the title. You can drink this and continue with your habitual diet. No problem. Remember its are formulas, not BIGS glasses of juice. For example: 2-3 carrots per day is just fine, extract them in an extractor and drink it. The spinach, just 5-8 leaves is just fine. The same with the next vegetables. The recipe is to remineralize the body, when you are drinking these formulas, in addition, the steaming method to kill bacteria and clean the pores,
  19. Here is one recommendation for anyone, to clean the pores, kill the bacteria, and rid off the sebum! Get fresh camomile (herb). This herb is so nice, smeels so good and its medicinal, you also can drink it and will relax you. First, put the camomile in water and boil it , when you see the vapor just pur your face and let the vapor enters to your pores. It will smeels good. You need to feel that you are sweating. It is sweat, but also dirt and oil. Next step: Be prepared with a clean whi