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  1. Power Metal: I like Nightwish..I love their ballads like "Swanheart" , "Sleeping Sun", "Forever Yours" ...Tarja's voice is just lovely.. Melodic Metal stuff like In Flames (old stuff of course): "Ordinary Story", "Embody the Invisible" "Only for the weak", "Wayfarer" ..and their solos kick ass! Trance/Chillout/Ambient: ATB (addicted to music , No silence), Chicane (all albums!), VA Chillout Erotic Sessions, VA Erotic Lounge vol 1-2, Paul Van Dyk, Blank and Jones. and also some latin music lik
  2. q mal verte derrotado tan rapido hermano! I recommend you talk to her. Just follow your heart.
  3. turnergirl, is that you the girl in yuor avatar?
  4. sorry i made another topic. i really cried reading his last topic. I hope this guy is ok.
  5. Last Active 15th January 2005 - 01:54 PM does anyone know him in real life? i'm in the USA atm, i cannot help him. This guy needs some serious help asap. I think if somebody in Canada visit him..maybe he can change his decision. I hope he is alive.
  6. drink green tea. It may help against inflamation.. drink 2-3 cups daily. I really feel bad when i read ur post, i almost drop a tear m8.... relax, u just need some peace and forget about your face for one moment. Do you like music? Music can change you i know for sure, listen to chicane and close your eyes..u'll love that stuff.. chicane - early
  7. Do you think she is better than this beauty? adriana lima is simply......but i know there are lotsa of latinas hotties out there...and they aren't shallow. Creep, Is she latina? mate, gimme some information of her, like her country and age. I can give you some advice (I'm latino). I'm not agree with many people here because girls from others countries are different. They think and act different. If she is hispanic from the south i know it is more about her culture. By your posts I don't thin
  8. the 'liver flushing placebo' its very interesting, . Many people say that those are "gallstones", who knows? My recommendation is talk with a decent doctor about this. I know for sure he will laugh of you. You will hear the same thing "Do not harm yourself son" . Olive oil can have a bad effect in many individuals. check this website.
  9. WheatBean, check this interesting topic. http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php...der=asc&start=0 Cheers.