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  1. Hey Bob, Have u tried the product yourself?..you sound so sure
  2. My experience with proactiv ..... it has stopped the action of the pimple get bigger and have found it to shrink it pretty quick.
  3. Hmmmm...i wonder if over secreting in sebaceous glands has anything to do with hair loss (as a hairstyist, just curious)...if all you people are breaking out and u have thick hair then i suppose this has nothing to do with it.
  4. Hey laserguy, Have you had the smoothbeam personally?
  5. jen


    Hey Tamera, I sure will... hopefully, we'll all find something that works...take care now ..... jen
  6. jen


    Ok Peeps.....tonight will be my 6th night in a row of using Dermanew. Today, i walked in the room and mom said that she see's a bit of a difference and that i look more clear ... ..for myself i agree. I like the improvments i see on my skin....i still have scars but i can see how they are more smooth in texture and my scars are not that shallow but they are appearing just that..... i know i must be patient...in time if i stick to this they may just all disappear!....now that may be wishful thin
  7. Hey Adam, You are being wayyyyyyyy too hard on yourself really....i bet u are handsome and cute.....i can't say that breaking out has hindered my dating life or should it hinder yours or anyone's....i have seen some real cute guys with acne, sometimes severe cases and/or scars and i would date them in a minute!...so far my dates have been with guys who have some pretty nice skin and it didn't seem to bother them that i break out... Take some time off this thing, go out, have fun a
  8. jen


    Well...the laser would cost me almost 5 grand in Canadian funds and right now, i can't afford that.....and the more i thought about it, even if i could afford it, personally i think i'd be too chicken to attempt it....why?..because one surgeon actually discouraged me from getting it done...and i believe it has something to do with my skin tone....i am not that olive in skin colour but i tan well in the summer and i told him that and he just assumed that i was not a good candidate....so there's t
  9. jen


    Well, I am cancelling my 60.00 laser consultation. I am very excited to share with you all, that I just purchased the Dermanew Microdermabrasion System. Check it out- www.dermanew.com ...it costed 139.95 plus tax. Got it from a beauty supply store. I will try it tonight and will keep u posted as to what kind of results i get!
  10. I'm a hairstylist and can relate to everyone's experiences. Fluorescent lighting is not the greatest ....in any event..we are our worst enemy when it comes to things about ourselves and i think it's important to have a right attitude when dealing with this issue or it can crush our character. We need to remember that others suffer from more serious things in life and that should hopfully take the focus off ourselves....i'm not saying don't look after yourself or don't do anything to help minimi
  11. I was contemplating looking into that stuff too but i changed my mind after hearing others who have tried it say doesn't work. ALSO what doesn't work is the stuff i'm using now which cost about the same....."Derma E scar gel."..... it does make a good non-greasy moisturizer though and keeps skin feeling supple.
  12. Sorry to learn of that Michelle, I'm wondering how many people who have had bad experiences with the laser regret ever having it done. Is correction from their surgeon suggested and just how many laser treatments can one have in their life?...do surgeons explain risks?? How about the long term side affects??
  13. laet...how soon did your friend have the second treatment and did she get charged extra?
  14. That is interesting....my friend used toothpaste right on the zit it'self. She may have left it on overnight and then just rinsed it off in the morning. She liked the results.
  15. Could anyone share whether they had any demarcation lines with the laser? One surgeon told me that I would have a line around my hairline and all around my face. If I procede with the treatment, I don't wish to wear make-up. How visible is this line and how thick? Perhaps with everyone it's going to be different? Maybe depending on how thick our skin is.