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  1. I love when people make statements like this. :rolleyes: "Accutane is over hyped and not as effective as it is made out to be." Got some facts to back this up? Yea, with all the stuff people argue about in this accutane forum i think theres one thing 99% of people will agree on...The stuff works. Well there is always that <1% group in a clinical study which does not respond to the treatment. Let us not forget misery enjoys company.
  2. To tell you the truth you should really give it a shot. I mean my girlfriend has a breakout every now and then and I can honestly say that she is always beautiful. Thats just for me atleast. You can't really say it would or wouldn't be the same for him unless you try.
  3. Sorry to troll but this is incredibly funny for me as a guy . It makes me think "So that's why [insert name here] looks so different" :/ *Sigh* I really am immature. :'(
  4. Beef is terrible! Haven't you heard? They're recalling 51million pounds of it in the U.S. because its that bad![/sarcasm]
  5. Drawing helps I suppose. Just find something to entertain you. Umm lets see--I suppose keeping your hands in your pockets help. While walking simply carrying something helps alot. Another idea is to wear mittens or some sort of light gloves. Obviously you would not want to do this now but when winter comes along think about it.
  6. I would not say that your dermatologist was wrong to say "no accutane". Remember, accutane is regarded as a last resort medication. Your derm is just making sure that there are no more options before starting you on accutane. Typically it goes from a primary topical>secondary topical>primary antibiotic>secondary antibiotic>combination treatments>Accuane. If you still feel that your dermatologist was wrong you can always get a second opinion.
  7. Overall you shouldnt make smoking make you think lesser of people you havent met or already know. Smoking doesn't mean the person is a jackass. I have plenty of friends that smoke and I wouldnt say I have any less fun with them than friends of mine that dont.
  8. It depends really. Say for instance your face was covered in acne, then it would be much harder for an individual to point out a growing pimple/cyst. In contrast it is much easier to spotlight a single pimple on an otherwise clear face. It also depends on the person you are talking to. Some people can easily pay attention to detail and can be very critical; others don't pay attention to the appearance and spend more time on the person. In the end, it's all relative.
  9. Sounds like a load of BS. A deficiency in zinc would also lead the body to conserve as much of it as possible and therefore a lower sperm count along with a decreased ejaculate volume. When you do ejaculate you don't "reload" immediately. It's obvious to anyone who has personally experienced it that the volume of ejaculate is far less when you masturbate or have sex daily as opposed to every week or so. The point you have made directly associates it with diet as well. In large clinical studies t