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  1. The first time I had it was 2 summers ago. I did a door to door job out in the sun and the heat. I quit on the 2nd day. The next day my face was full of little white heads. EVERYWHERE in my face!!! Including under my chin. I went to the doc and got a treatment. It disappeared. I was glad and for 2 years nothing happened. Until my wife noticed I got some on my mouth after coming home from work. I was disappointed. My job's (ware house) condition is clean enough to work but some areas are a bit
  2. Does anyone know any sun protection products for oily skin? thanks ....
  3. I googled Urine Therapy then ended up in this whole new discussion. I tried it, morning and nights for like a couple of days only. Then stopped. It actually works. My skin is actually more cleaner than usual. And less oily. I got acne a bit on the side but thats my fault, hair was too long didnt bother to fix it up or cut. Other wise everything else is nice lookin. I nocticed my blackheads are barely visible now. Which is a plus.
  4. Either Your allergic to it or it needs time to get use to it? I know Im allergic to SLS.. for sure because it itched my face so much and caused so much rashed.
  5. Yea I actually knew about the lighting effects... and its true. Its a good thing you shared this.
  6. I used it, my face went red and break out again. I realized I was allergic or very sensitive to Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. So yea if you are allergic to that, dont use it.
  7. hey thnkx for the tips. and your right about the 2nd one >_> I do kinda touch and pick on my face during the day... thnkx for the heads up b
  8. So yea I have pimples and zits on my face. I go to bed, the next morning I see that they popped already in my bed, cuz i see dried up blood on the area where my face was lying in. And probably i scratch my face when I sleep and my sleeping position forces me to lie my head/face on a position where it can break/pop break my zits and pimple... Is there anyway to prevent this? Im collecting so many dried up bloods on my bed now too >_>