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  1. It's absolutely worth it. I had the same problem you are. My acne was so bad I wouldn't go in public, hell I hated seeing family. Once I got on Accutane I was lucky to not get any side effects besides dry skin, which was taken care of with a good lotion. It's been a year now, and I'm acne free. Minus a small break out every now and then (like 2 small zits.)
  2. hmm.. somekid. I like that username

  3. Drink nothing but water, eat alot vegs, oatmeal, etc. Also make sure all the foods you ear are low in fat, sat fat, etc. I've been doing this, and my blood work is the same as last month. Well I also keep in really good shape, and exercise daily. So it's safe to assume my diet is very strict. But just make more healthy choices, and you should be fine.
  4. Ok. So I am a complete moron and despite the fact that I knew picking was a bad idea I went ahead, and did it anyways. Oddly enough I did it most of the time without knowing. I believe I had tiny scars, but it also just looks like red marks that I normally get. Is there anything I can put on them to help speed the healing process of my skin? I have been using Vit E.
  5. d.lax - No I decided not to make an accutane log. This is because so far I have had no side effects what so ever besides my IB. I doubt people would want to read it. Lol. Anyways so your having a few pimples that won't go away also? I am in the same boat there. And it's driving me crazy because before I would also use a clean needle and poke the tip of the white head and let it drain; however, it seems doing that on accutane is a bad idea?
  6. It seems we started at the same time. Lol. Well I have had no side effects at all. No head aches, dry skin/lips, or anything besides the fact I think I am getting my IB. Oh I don't think it's just you I have noticed my face is a little bit more red, but it's probably due to the fact of my IB.
  7. I am about to start Accutane soon also. I have a very similar acne condition as yours. I hope everything goes well for you in your upcoming months. And just like everyone else says your gorgeous.
  8. As the topic title suggests what are types of fish that are fine to consume?
  9. 1. One Multi Vitamin daily. 2. Two 1000mg Fish Oil tablet daily. 3. I gently whip face down in morning, afternoon, and at night with Oxy pads maximum strength. 4. At night 15 - 20 min after using Oxy pads I apply a small amount (if any really lol) of Dan's 2.5% BP to skin. I let it dry in naturally seeing as the Salicylic acid in the Oxy pads may cause irritation with the bp. 5. I only drink water or 100% juice. 6. I keep all fast foods and junk food to an all time low. 7. Microdermabras
  10. My derm gave me a nice tip. After you take a bath or wash your face (warm water) splash cold water on your face. This closes the pores and can help the skin. It works wonders in the long run.
  11. Does anyone know where I can find some to perform microdermabrasion in the state of IN?
  12. My face is just like that. I think I may have more red marks. Well if you find something that works please PM me what it is...
  13. I've had blemishes for about 8 months. I've managed to get most of them to go back to normal. I have these hard ones that I can't manage to go away. They've improved a lot but not at the pace I want them too. Is there any type of Surgrey/Laser Surgrey or products that I can use that work?