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  1. You are gorgeous :wub: , who you trying to fool with the good girl look though lol Says the pretty one ;) Anyway, on the way to sd :$ http://i292.photobucket.com/albums/mm30/AC...CE/Myself-1.jpg
  2. ok didnt read all the posts so far but am confused at this? "Seeing as the boys are getting a bit of brow beating as they suddenly discover that their years of hard work down the gym may have been somewhat pointless (and Im not being sarcastic, it must suck pretty bad), what are the men's ideal female shapes?" Why would it be pointless? Women think men work out just to get laid. Working out gives us confidence and respect, women come after and with that. Now, a girl will say she is not att
  3. sweet potatoes and oats are your frds
  4. dude I don't have a clue how bad your acne is. get some pics up Do the regimen with the stuff your supposed too. Don't overkill the BP. Results will come, 1st month is a bitch, keep at it, don't switch back and forth moisturizers etc. The regimen works, around 6 weeks you will definitely see improvements. Do not slack and you will be fine.
  5. omelete includes: -2ggs + 2xtra egg whites -french onion -mushroom -cheese -tomato -cucumber(YES!!) -italian herbs -black pepper 2 cups skim milk 1 bowl oats toasted wheat bread with turkey! oh yeah me hungry when I wake up omelet variation is -4 egg whites -turkey -black olives -cheese -tomato -green peppers -italian herb -black pepper
  6. lol it has been so long i completely forgot about this Anyway took me 2 months to get clean skin. Luckily now, only use the bp once or twice a week, I dont have 100% clear skin but damm I don't even care about it now To you guys using it, keep it up, its definitely worth it Dont let the 3rd week slow you down
  7. this might be the dumbest reply you will get but with fish oil and dial body wash i got cleared from the small acne i had there
  8. rofl @ the Mclovin kid @@ Cool movie, but you got to watch Rush Hour 3 if you haven't yet
  9. i think you didnt let it clear. Yeah I too got redness, took me 3 days to get clear again. Even now sometimes I may get a bit red spot(small). Its just so easy to aply it makes up for that . Anyway It feels weird to me when I put the moisturizer in my hand and it "slips"
  10. Domino's Pizza are the best :$ Cant help having pizza cheat meals :$
  11. Dont worry about the redness lol. It took me 3 days to stay clear again. After that the moisturizer is great, its really easy to apply
  12. lol i wonder what kind of boats u been going out in @@