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  1. I was planning 2 buy the 0.75 mm model, anyone had any promising results on some shallow pitted scarring and uneven texture?
  2. I have been imformed this speeds the process of removing the red marks (whether they are in scars or not), i understand how the concept of this works, however i am a lil scarred of over- doing it. How do we know when are skin is at the stage wen it cant be exfloated any more, as the risk of ripping it 2 shreds is omnesous?? Currently i am using a micro abrasion cloth 2 do the exfloliation, with my various other products. My skin is thinner, but also a lot smother and healthy looking, i know this
  3. Do you reakon its best to leave a scar 4 a longer period than 3 months after it was formed, before you look it 2 revision methods? because iv read some where that they can take 6 months after the injury/acne to be in there final state, meaning it could still change in appearence, or just be healing under the skin (i wouldnt wana mess wit this process) , so should i leave them. Or is it the sooner the better work is begun on a scar, as there is more chance of sucess because its so fresh? (-----
  4. Duno, but i would love to know the answer 2 this 2, also is the dermeroller usefull in evening out skin tone?
  5. Yep, I have IT!!!!!!!! and serve OCD, hence me obsessing over my scars. the thing that anoys me is tho, ppl are always trying to treat me eg theropist, and oviously i mention my face and they always say it isnt that bad, granted, there are worse ppl, but that doesnt get round the fact my face IS scarred to a noticiable degree, they all blame it on the BBC, and therefore no one shows sympathy to my scars, wen they are a REAL problem on there own.
  6. Anyone had any slight reduction in scars that are indented and/or red using any of these products??? I am currently using AHA, and seeing improvement , however it is not permant, wen consening dents, and wen i stop using it- the old skin cums back, so im looking 2 switch products 2 any topical vitamin A. Anyone seen results, and more importantly, anyone seen any permant results????
  7. No problems or weigth gain wot so eva (actually have lost weight - due to change in diet). No problems in general, just scarred
  8. my skin was the worst ever up untill about 2months in (perhaps a bit less) , please stay on it tho - im on month 4 now and not a spot, just scarring. Plz stay on this.
  9. Honestly go on this pill, reduces hair growth ect, and even tho i experienced a bad inital break out, by months 3 not ONE spot, just scarring!!!!!!! i have actually lost weight (proably due to diet tho). All i can say is, if you think you experience mood swings now, wait till your on this, your head will be abit crazy lol - worth it 4 no spots tho. Oh and much less grease on the face which is nice.
  10. Yep, im hairy lol and i noticed that the hairs on my legs (didnt shave them 4 a while) were much less dark and bristly almost striaght away, hope this helps x
  11. Omg, my whole family sisters (perfectly clear skin) and mother and father get angry at me 4 bein upset about my scars, i am geniuinly tramatised, and they are like stop being a baby. Iv thought about sucide to be like 'that will show them',but even still they would prob just think i was pathetic. They are like 'y are you so shallow, enjoy your life', they have a point but i still find it hard to cope with facial scarring, thats y all the support i look 4 is from ppl off of this board, other wise
  12. Iv always been curious - after this procedure, how many layers of skin have been exfloiated - eg the whole of the epidermis , or just part of it????
  13. I have read some where that it is possible to remove nearly the whole of the skins epidermis to reveil dermis, how do you know when u have done this, cause im trying to work out how damaged my skin actually is, at the moment its quite thin and much of the scarring is lessened but some still extremly present, but i wana see how much thinner it can go without harming it. I am using exfloiating products and a microbrasion cloth.
  14. I dont wana start any arguements , but should i be aware of individuals on ere here who may be working for certain products and advise you 2 buy them. Basically should i trust everything everyone says on ere ??? Some of the stuff pp have been saying is suspicious
  15. does it work, the skin and scalp one? i reali wana try this; one that come with the copper serum, but i havent got the money 2 'waste', plz does any one have any experience with this product???? (positive or negaive)