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  1. i think its just one of those things that's hard to explain in typing... lol but i found a good video on you tube, just forward past the review of the eyelash curler and at about 1:40 she shows you how to curl them.
  2. also increasing your water intake can make a huge difference
  3. try maybelline full n soft. i think it works just as well! if not better! oh my list is incredibly long, i spend so much on makeup its ridiculous! the most recent though are: Revlon colorstay minerals- the shades are weird and barely any coverage, even for a mineral makeup Physicians formula mineral makeup powder-the new organic one- it doesn't work that great, made my skin look dull and it SMELLS! i don't know if its because it its organic or what but ew.
  4. lol you're so cute, soon you're gonna be addicted! you got lucky on that paint pot too! it was a limited edition one from awhile ago! also be ready, on july 10th they have a few new collections coming out (they have maybe 3-4 collections that come out every 2 months which are mostly limited edition) here's the collections that are coming out that day, these are links to a mac message board: sonic chic- lots of pretty blushes! electroflash- gorgeous eyeshadow duos! ...and then on the 18th t
  5. that sucks about the lipstick! but then again i love any excuse to go back to mac the 224 is pretty much for blending, i mean you could use it for applying shadow to the lid but since its so large and fluffy its just harder to control and it may not pack on the color so it looks like it does in the pot. i've never seen the EDM eyeshadow brush, (i just looked on the site and its not on there!) but i'd assume it would work well, as long as it's not as big and fluffy as the 224.
  6. oh mac eye shadows are my addiction! lol i have at least 50 and they're brushes are AMAZING! my favorite is the 239, which is the perfect brush whether you want to do just one color on you lid, multiple colors, and even putting darker colors in the crease. its amazing! i second the paint pots, they really make the eyeshadow "stick". I would suggest getting a paint pot in "bare study" its a sheer nude color that has shimmer in it as well. its amazing as a base as well as when you're in a hur
  7. sorry i didn't see this sooner! i like to think if myself of an eye makeup connoisseur... the chin up look down is a good method but there's some other things you have to do as well. first I heat up my eyelash curler, usually using a lighter. sometimes it gets too hot and you have to wait for it to cool but ideally it should be warm to the touch but not so much that it'll burn your eyelids! the idea behind this is that it'll hold the curl, much like a curling iron does for hair. then you want
  8. woooo i'm so excited for you! i'm OBSESSED with eye makeup, let me know if you have any questions!
  9. i know i'm late on giving my two cents but here's how i feel about em... i have em, i still get a few, yea they're annoying but what can you do? i've tried creams and stuff and it didn't really make a difference. I guess it just comes down to accepting your body for what it is (which i'm still working on, I think it may be a life long process lol) and if i'm in a bathing suit oh well, i don't care what strangers think and the people i do worry about don't care!
  10. i would think that the pigment pressing method would work well. maybe just scrape out all the eyeshadow, crush it up , and then press it back into the pan? sounds like it would!
  11. just click on the color you want and then drag it over to the side where it shows what's in your cart. then a pop up should come up asking you which formula you'd like... what three colors did you decide on?
  12. That color looks great on you. It minimizes excess pinkness. What color was that? Are you serious? I hate it! Its the multi tasking intense formula. You dont like the other imageshack link I posted better? LOL! Yes I did! My new username is makeupmolly. What is yours? Oh your topic is right under mine. Are you erin? yup thats me! lol so simple i hate being creative with usernames, i'm no good at it!
  13. haha molly did you just post on the EDM forum? i just saw a new post about choosing a foundation! i had a question too and just registered
  14. when you were using the mac foundation did the color match you perfectly? if so you may want to email the people at EM who give color recommendations and tell them what color you were in mac and maybe they can recommend a color that matches that one...
  15. i had those foreverrr and the only thing got rid of them was accutane. but i know that didn't work for you so maybe a facial would be another option? i know that they do have special facials for acne prone skin, and they always do extractions, and i don't think it matter if you have ten or ten thousand!