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  1. DIFFERIN sucks!!! But I am waiting it out! I am not mentally strong because of the acne itself that I've had for a while now but I would go through all this pain and embarrassment if it meant I could have less spots! You just have to want it so bad that you'll try anything and be patient with it. I need this to work because accutane is the last option and I do not want to go on it :'(
  2. I am praying that it gets better for us soon! @Rachie39
  3. I started DIFFERIN 0.1% about 10 days ago and have already had a massive breakout. Like I can't leave the house because makeup can't even cover it breakout. It is so bad but I would get through it if I knew it was working. Is it normal to breakout immediately? And if I have the breakout so early on, is there hope that I will have clearer skin/see an improvement before 8 weeks? I just need reassurance that it actually works and I'm not going through the embarrassing breakout for nothing