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  1. Has anyone else's derm only had them get there blood work done twice instead of every month??
  2. I seriously suck at keeping up with this. Thank you to everyone who has replied. I am now on my third month and doing pretty good actually. I have dermatitis though which is a big word for DRY DRY DRY skin all over my body even in my ears which cause the pressure in them to build up and I feel light headed alot. My last message I had actually just found out that the trip I had planned to go see my grandma and other family I was now going to go for my grandma's funeral. So it was extremely unexpe
  3. I almost forgot that I had this on here. I was in Colorado for over a week and when I got home things were just really crazy. 9 hours in Houston airport only to be told flight cancelled while on the plane, then the second ran too and missed by a minute, and the third took me more than 2 hours away from home. Oh and it doesn't stop there, my family problems don't compare to that which hopefully the stress doesn't make my body freak out on me but it will I can already tell. So with all the dry ai
  4. Officially done with my 1st month of Accutane!! Hopefully tomorrow doing all the stuff to get my medicine works out, I have so much to do before my vacation Friday. I noticed yesterday that I have either a rash or extremely dry skin with red bumps on my arm. It doesn't itch just yet but it is spreading a bit, kinda scares me since my derm only pointed out and checked my fingernails and for a rash on my arms. Anyone know why and if its a big deal? Other than that just dry and trying to overcome t
  5. I am a few days from finishing my 1st month of Accutane. I am 19 years old, female on 40 mg. But my story started when I was 10, I am an early bloomer in all ways so acne wasn't about to give me a chance a good few years. I was first but on benzoyl peroxide and ended up having a minor allergic reaction for my 4th grade pictures, red blotches everywhere. Imagine the teasing that brought on. By 13 I was getting cysts so I was put on minocycline, an astringent, retin-a, and ortho tri-cyclen and t