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  1. kel


    Stupid question, but im. Going on plane tomorrow. Can i take bp?
  2. Hi/as the bp isn't sealed was wondering how long it a good for?
  3. Can you use bp with zineryt ( zinc plus antibiotic)
  4. All my acne returned...gutted.tried to post in UK forum but couldn't. I used panoxyl 2.5 and can't find any in UK. Since stopping I've been to doc for help.its pointless .gave me zineryt!!! So fed up. What the heck can I use now
  5. Has anyone tried homeopathy? Was just curious.
  6. Please don't read this and assume I think this but got thus warning in Benzac never seen before is this true of all BP do we no?
  7. I was using panoxyy forever and now I've read it's no more. Which of these is mist similar does anyone no?
  8. hi peeps, i just ordered some from thehealthcounter.com
  9. bio oil broke me out and so did rose oil, jojoba oil is fine but didnt help, these marks are ruining my otherwise clear complexion, what else can i try? can anyone help?
  10. i have been using the regimen with success for years now ,but i still havent really focused on red marks.. as i am fair skin they do show so i have to wear concealer on them. i have tried bio oil but it broke me out.any other suggestions?
  11. kel

    bio oil

    anyone used this for their red marks?
  12. i use olay sesitive moisteriser and panoxyl but i was wondering does anyone use there face wash on regimen? im using wipes but i dont rate them
  13. break outs appear to be clearing do 2x a da nad just dealing with redness, part my red marsk arent going anywhere? any advice