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  1. Aw honey I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through. People can be so shallow. Karma goes around though; they'll eventually be in the mental state you're in right now. As for your topic question of who mentions about my acne the most? I'm cleared up now thanks to Dans regimen but when I did have really bad acne the one I found mentioning it the most was me...I guess that's why a lot of us let acne get the best of us.
  2. Hehe ginger sounds like a nice color :) And yeah, I've heard that the BP can bleach hair, clothes, etc. Never had a problem with it myself, but it seems you are. I suggest just trying your best not to apply the BP to your eyebrows...and if you like the ginger color eyebrows than lather em up with BP why not hehe.
  3. I presonally don't use anything other than the regimen products on my face. Regimens working fine for me, so I guess I just don't see any use for other masks and products. As for your other question, sure you can use cleansers and moisturizers other than Dan's and the regimen is still very, very effective. I've been on the regimen for a year with fantastic results and I use Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser (face wash) and Eucerine Skin Therapy (lotion). But like Gyro said, don't use any medicated c
  4. I'm not that certain on why exactly it's making you sweat. Now that it's summer I'm finding I'm sweating a lot more too...but that might be because I've never lived in NJ during the summer months before and its hotter here than where I stayed last summer. The only thing I can think of is maybe the moisturizer acts like a thermal type thing that locks your natural skins heat in? Wild guess haha. Or maybe it could be that the summers just getting the best of you? How long have you been on
  5. Hey restored and welcome to the boards :) I've been using Dan's Regimen for about a year now with fantastic results. I recommend it to everyone, and that includes you hehe! I too had red marks and spots from acne breakouts. They were like the "after effects" of a pimple. The one thing that worked for to get rid of them: time. They faded over time. Myself; I was more concerned about the actual breakouts than the marks they left when they had gone away. As for makeup, I don't think you sh
  6. Hi kukumalu! Thanks for replying :) My red spots and marks from previous acne breakouts faded over time. The first thing to make certain is that all of your active acne pimples are under control. The rest (scars and marks and spots and such) honestly will go away over time. I am glad you are doing so good on the regimen in your 5th week, my 5th week didn't go so hot hehe. And as for your sleeping habits, when I first started the regimen I tried my best not to smoosh my face into my pillow
  7. Hey guys! Everyone calls me Sister. I'm 19 years old and just finished my first year in college. I've been wanting to post this topic for like 3 months but never got around to coming on the boards...but here I am and here's my story: Like almost every teen, I've had pimples and pimple problems since I can even remember. There were times when I had barely any pimples on my face and there were times when my face absolutely EXPLODED in pimples. I figured I would grow out of it...then the year