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  1. these 2 drugs are for different things - spiro treats hormones, accutane shrinks pores. you can try either for hormonal acne, but if hormones are not the cause, i don't think you'd want to take spiro.
  2. i posted this in your other topic - you really should read this, as should anyone with stubborn hormonal acne, they are ALL linked > acne and diet - insulin, insulin resistance and hormones to simplify: diet & insulin resistance causes increased insulin > increased insulin causes excess testosterone > excess testosterone causes oily skin > oily skin causes acne i thought i was getting to the root of the problem by addressing hormones, but if you dig even deeper, it's all about
  3. crevin - are you insulin resistant?? i've been reading a lot about diet & acne lately too. i also used to think it was a myth, but i'm pregnant now and recently started eating healthier - this is the first improvement i've seen in the last year and a half. and i don't think it's the hormonal changes i'm going through, because not until i changed my diet did my skin start to improve. there is a link between diet and acne-causing hormones - read this article > acne and diet - insulin, ins
  4. have you been to an endocrinologist? see if your derm can refer you to one.
  5. i have hormonal acne and took accutane for 5 months in 2000 - 3 pills, 3 times a day. i was also told that it would go away forever, except for some, who need 2 courses. my acne came back last year when i went off the pill, worse than before, and i think it's because the accutane shrinks your pores, so my acne is now more painful, cystic and stubborn than ever, because my hormones are still behaving as they always have. i have a long road behind me of experience and research, especially in the
  6. i think i have this. i recently found out that i'm pregnant and i started eating more fruits and veg and less carbs. i have never eaten all that healthy - a normal day for me is a bagel for breakfast, and cereal or pasta for dinner and lots of sugary foods - my husband says i eat like a kid whose parents aren't home. i don't do a lick of exercise, which i'm also going to change. i've always been thin and i guess i thought that's all that mattered. i was hoping my skin would clear up because of
  7. vitamin e works...slowly. keep at it, be patient. the best (and only?) thing that works for scar tissue is cortizone injections, which eat away at scar tissue – you can get them at your derm. if it's just flat discolorations you're dealing with, i've had luck w/ the following: olay regenerist targeted tone enhancer olay total effects intensive restoration treatment
  8. those tiny little bumps ARE clogged pores. try the biore scrub, it's $5.
  9. sounds like simple clogged pores - consider yourself lucky! try biore pore unclogging scrub 2-3 times a week. (don't overdo it!) or get a facial once in a while.
  10. i'm starting to think the "profile" for women w/ pcos is bullshit. i know A LOT of people with it, none of whom are the least bit hairy or overweight, including myself. my only symptom is acne. i have not been officially diagnosed, but my derm, endo and gyn all suspect that i have pcos. and yes, attempts to treat any kind of hormonal acne topically are futile. it can help, but it's soooo frustrating. a vicious cycle.
  11. a pelvic ultrasound is what my endo told me i should get after my blood results ruled out other possible issues. although my derm said sometimes the cysts are microscopic, so seeing nothing on the ultrasound does not necessarily rule it out either. funkydiva77 - spironolactone is an antiandrogen that reduces testosterone levels, i don't know what its relation to pcos is, but it can help hormonal acne. i sooo want to go on it but i'm trying to get pregnant.
  12. suppposedly, elvis washed his face every day with his first morning urine.
  13. i use olay total effects fragrance free moisturizer, and it's amazing. especially when i use it at night - i wake up to even skintone and it seems to get rid of any of the little tiny pimples. my skin feels calm and quenched, and not oily at all (and i'm always oily). i've been using it since it first came out - love it. plus, i just used it because it was great for my very sensitive skin, but i would have never bought an anti-aging product in my 20s otherwise, so i feel like i've been getting t