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  1. hi yes the gel makes my face quite red but feels good otherwise. But for the record I was red faced with the OXY On the Spot too so I would conclude that its the BP making the tan not Dan's gel! I dont need to put moisturiser on but it is quite drying I think. Keep well :-k
  2. Hi Im 36 and only got my acne 18 mths ago ( Never ever had one spot in my teens or twenties, so it really really sucks now, particularly as I have bad back acne which upsets me. I swim competitively & I get quite embarassed over my skin Thanks nicky
  3. Hi I am taking Tetralysal Lymecycline at the moment. Been on it for last 2 half months. Can I take B5 as well as the antibiotics? will it help by bacne? Thanks Nick
  4. Hi I am Nick I am 36 & have some moderate to severe acne. Iam told that having a deep cleansing facial can get rid of all the crap in ones skin and clean out the whiteheads & blackheads. Can anyone tell me their experiences? Does it help to keep acne at bay? Is it a myth? cheers Nick
  5. Hi I am Nick and I live in the UK. I dont have a Credit card, only a debit card, in other words a card I can use for "SWITCH" transactions. How can I pay for dan's BP gel? WIll he accept Switch from the UK? I really am not wanting to take out a credit card solely for paying the gel. Any thoughts?! Cheers for your help as always.
  6. hello I am on Tetralysal 300 antibiotics fo r the last 3 months with little success. Also my back & chest acnes are really f***** stubborn & are really large red cysts. My doc is real negative about my prospects HE SAYS I just need to accept & deal with it. I dont know what to wash with thats any good & my back is too large an area for benzyl peroxide he says. Can anyone help witrh some advice please!! especially for my bacne which is really upsetting me ! I am worried
  7. Hi my names nick. I'm gay and 36 & only got acne 18 mths ago after the stress of a violent relationship. Never had any thing before then, I have found it really really devastating for my self esteem & confidence with guys. When I have wanted to ask a guy out I have been worried that my acne will be offputting. Also, to be frank, talking about intimacy, as I have very bad back acne & some chest acne, I am scared witless that a guy will see my skin & freak out, cause it's none too
  8. hi AM seeing my doctor this week I'll ask about Accutane. In the meantime would you recomend a good body soap or wash I can use on my back and chest acne, cause it's driving me potty at the mo. Is this Carleys's recommended? I would appreciate any advice or tips for my body mate. Thanks a lot
  9. hi thanks & hi there. Yes I have found the gay scene very shallow when it comes to your appearance! I'm told I'm fairly good looking guy but my acne just knocks me for six! I am very self conscious in public & would have no confidence in finding another partner or boyfriend. This acne just sucks & I'm really worried that I'm gonna keep it for ages & ages. Can you give me some ideas? thanks a lot, my names Nick or Nicky to my friends I live in the UK near London. I used to be re
  10. Hi guys, I'm a gay guy in my 30s in the UK. I only got acne 18 months ago & It has devastated my life, I've goner from a social butterfly to a recluse practically. I had a violent relationship with my ex boyf & I think the trama set up my acne which I have hated so much Now I am frightened of dating again as I think guys will look at my acne on my face which at times is quite severe (some cysts...) Cause I didn't have acne as a youngun having it at 34 has killed my life. I am at aloss