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  1. i just had my 28th birthday, and i have had acne since i was 13. I dont remember how i felt in the begining, as it was sooo long ago. but i cannot say enough how much i hate it now. i try not to think about it most of the time, sometimes i thought i'd want to give up everything to have clear skin. i especially hate people asking me, 'what happened to ur face? have u been to the doc?' yeah, rite, if i could ever find out what is actually causing the breakouts, i wouldnot have any at all! As what
  2. thank you all for the posting. sorry that i wasnot able to reply lately. yeah, im definately going to try the premier when i get a chance. btw, so far i like the EM.
  3. i have had chemical hair straighten treatment since 2003. I have very thick hair with some big curls. if i dont have my hair straightened, my hair would look sooo messy if i dont tie it up. Now i can wear my hair whatever way i want it to be, and it is naturally shiny and silky. and i dont need to comb my hair in the morning at all. this chemial treatment costs about 150 Canadian dollar, depending on ur hair length. Yeah, very expensive, but will last for about 7-8 months for me. And ever sinc
  4. thx girls for all the great advice. i have used Everyday minerals foundation twice, and i love it so far. im not sure yet if the color is a perfect match for me, but it looks fine. well, i still hope that one day that im able to walk out without much makeup. good luck to all of you~~~
  5. so i have been using BP gel for 2 weeks. During the past week, i had about 4 zits. BP definately kept them under control, and this morning, my skin turned out to be smooth. but i still have some marks/scars. well, for a person who has had severe acne for over 10 yrs, im pretty happy with this result. besidies, its just been 2 weeks, if i have waited over 10 yrs to find a cure to my acne, im very patient if i have to wait for another couple of weeks or even months to see a clear face that i haven
  6. sarah_gbm

    my BP journey

    my progress pics
  7. i have been using the BP gel for about 2 weeks. the first week, it didnot dry my skin at all, no irritation either. so i increased the amount a lot and applied twice a day instantly. As time passes by, my skin start to dry a little bit. i always use moisturizer on my skin, but i didnot use it on the area that i used BP as it takes time for BP to dry. Now since my skin start to have some flakes, i would apply moisturizer to my whole face. that helps i think. good luck with the regimen
  8. i have two similar bumps on my chin too. well, i think these are papules. it takes longer time for them to heal, to me about 2 weeks. in my experience, most of the time it would form a head that i could pop it.---there is no way that i could pop it now, nor should i do it when its not 'ripe' yet. and when im able to pop it easily, lots of blood would come out after some white stuff. I am not sure if im doing the right thing tho. anyone has the same experience? im in the regimen for about 2 wee