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  1. I have had approximately 30 Smoothbeam treatments over the past 36 months, and can give you some feedback on recovery time. I have been treated at 14 joules, 13 joules and 10 joules (2 passes) and can report the following results. 14 Joules is definitely the most effective setting, but obviously is also the most uncomfortable. The treatment usually lasts 30-45 minutes, and I am visibly red for about 90 minutes. After that I have occasionally experienced some hyper pigmentation the following
  2. http://www.greatskin.com/detail/DC-131.html they want 20 dollars for it but im sure you can find it online cheaper. I bought mine from my derm's office...cost me 12 bux. im glad they showed me the stuff because it kicks ass. it's more of a heavier gel form, not water based like most of the stuff you buy from cvs, walgreens etc. doesnt leave my face shinny looking, doesnt break me out and rubs in nicely. highly recommend this for those of you that want a good moisturizer
  3. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Vilantae-t158331.html
  4. wow im surprised this thread is still alive lol. im sending back my 3 bottles just because I stopped using it after the first bottle plus im in desperate need of money (bills kicking my ass this month). I changed from an over the counter moisturizer to an oil free moisturizer I bought from my derms office and thats working alot better. as for the vilantae working, I didn't use it long enough to see if it works. good luck to those who are trying it, let us all know how it works for you guys.
  5. so I was researching and read lots of good reviews about their refining mask but my questions is can it be bought by itself? I went to proactive's site and it looked like the only way you can buy it is with the set which I don't want the other stuff. Im interested in it because I dont have bad acne just the occasional zit.
  6. what do you mean by proactive face mask? sorry never heard of one before...
  7. ok so I dont have bad acne, I'll get the occasional breakout but my face gets real oily throughout the day. I was doing some research and found out that zinc and omega 3 are the best to take to help with an oily face. I purchased source natural's "ultra potency omega 3 fish oil soft gels" online which are 850 MG per softgel. it says on the back take one two times a day with a meal, thats fine. now my question is how much zinc should I intake? which type of zinc is best for my condition? is the
  8. someone may correct me if im wrong but if you use any type of tropical on your face you should use a mosturizer. does your face feel dry? feel tight? peeling? all these are signs to use mosturizer. finding a good mosturizer is key too, i've tried so many different types and all seemed to make me look greasy looking and break me out. I bought this really kick ass mosturizer from my derm's office called "ultra light hydrator" made by DCL (dermatologic cosmetic laboratories". http://www.greatsk
  9. zinc pocolinate asorbs better, but yea your on the money. you guys never heard of vitaminshoppe? you can pick up solgar from there. you know these supplements only help a lil, you still have to use topicals and have a good face regmine. Nothing on your skin that will make it more oily.
  10. ok so I want to start taking the two except I dont have much knowledge in them. can someone who takes either post some links to some good brands etc? I have oily skin so I figured these two will do the trick. thanks for the help!
  11. im currently using Neutrogena® Oil-Free Acne Wash which is decent (seems like it drys my face a bit) but I plan on picking up some purpose cleanser as I heard good reviews about it.
  12. ok so lately ive been getting some small zits (very tiny looking) on my forehead which come to a whitehead the next day. what exactly is causing this? it is kind of humid here, im constantly having oil on my forehead so im thinking maybe it has something to do with it? its nothing really to stress/worry about but if I can help make it better than that would be awesome. maybe exfoliating? thanks for the help!
  13. I asked the derm before the first treatment "whats your success rate with smoothbeam" and he told me about 90%...yeah im sure they'll say anything to take your money. they took pics for before and after shots as well but now you have me thinking lol. I really don't have the money to be wasting if in fact smoothbeam does nothing. my next appointment is august 18th, now im wondering if I should still go through with it...