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  1. Unfortunately if I'm on Differin, my gp and derm both told me to stay away from anything that has BP or salicylic acid, literally all I can wash with and use on my skin skin Cetaphil
  2. I've had these on my chin for years now, and I've tried everything to make them disappear - exfoliators, over the counter acne medication, two types of antibiotics and Differin gel. But they're still there! I've tried popping them, but there's too many and some won't pop either. My skin isn't like that anywhere else! i one to my dermatologist but she was very dismissive of it, focussing more on my red spots. any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!
  3. sorry! I used things like the Dove Sensitive soap that comes in a bar if you know what I mean? Occasionally I used shower gels from Avon, but ever since I got a bad breakout all over my back I have been using the Simple acne body wash (its got like zinc and witch hazel in it) with the coars side of a sponge. This weird breakout that I got a couple of days ago though was causing a lot of pain and itch, so I went to my GP, and she said I had a mild skin infection, but she didn't mention what might
  4. The same mild soap I use to wash my whole body, but when it first started breaking out I started using a Simple acne body wash on those areas
  5. if it is folliculitis (it is quite itchy and quite painful, but idk if that's just me being overly sensitive to symptoms), should I do anything at home? or should I get an appointment with my GP asap, or alternatively deal with it until my dermatologist appointment midway through April?
  6. Hello, basically im on my 9th week of oxytetracycline (also using differin on the face), and every couple of weeks I get this intense breakout of tiny red bumps all over my arms, back, a bit on my chest and upper stomach, and butt. I've attached pictures below. the acne on my face has cleared up quite a bit, but not so much luck with body acne. Could it be folliculitis or does it look more like mild but persistent acne?
  7. I am not allowed to take accutane for a few different reasons, and so far two types of antibiotics haven't helped me (Oxytetracycline and Lymecycline). I also use Differin on my face, but suffer with body acne (mild to moderate). What else can I try?
  8. yeah I tried Epiduo which has benozyl peroxide in, but it literally made my skin red raw, gave me burns to the point that I was crying because of the pain etc so my doctor said its better not to use it. Plus my acne is literally all over my arms, thighs, butt, back, chest, belly and face, so I'd be going through gels pretty quickly haha
  9. I'm using differin, I've used lymecycline (which didn't help), and oxytetracycline (which doesn't seem to be helping) my moderate but budge proof acne. I've been referred to the dermatologist next month for an appointment because nothing seems to be helping and I'm getting scarring. I've even reading and it seems like the only route the dermatologist will take is accutane, but after reading people's experiences/hearing the side effects, it really doesn't seem like a good option for me. Is t