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  1. Ive been on this body building weight gain diet for a week now ..its very strict but not too much well not for me .Im doubling up my calories and carbs . No fast food, no sodas,lots of water,pastas and bread very moderate and low sugars . tryin to keep away from gluten. these are yesterdays meal. 7 am 1 cup of oatmeal with fruit with water. 10 am 4 egg whites 1 egg whole with turkey bacan with orange juice . 1 pm skinless chicken breast 2 pieces, rice pilaf and more oatmeal with grape jui
  2. i use the intensive or semi-matte ...and for the concealer i use the multi tasking concealer ..i mostly just use the concealer on the spots .And today i put on extra moistizer just to make sure if it that ..and nope the same thing so i just used a little of my old stuff ..man makeup is confusing i dont know how you girls do it ..give you guys props but i think your right like with EDM it looks better with out any stuff on ..because it outline my rough areas like flaky skin or what not. and t
  3. no my skin isnt dry ..it could get dry but i moisturize the heck out of it 30 to 60 minutes before i put on the minerals. it doesnt cover for crap compare to the other stuff i have ....and none of the colors on the website perfect match my skin .
  4. I need help on EDM im a guy and i need something that will just cover a little bit of red marks ..i have EDM since last week ..a couple of girls recommended it...and i dont know whats up with my skin but it just doesnt look good ...i used makeup before but only liquid(mary kay full coverage for dry skin) and it seems to cover pretty good but EDM when i put it on looks like it outlines the dry circle around it and leaves the red showin ..i moisturize my skin pretty good too and you cant tell my s
  5. i never got mine in the mail....
  6. well thank you very much Siouxsie for clearing that up, what are some ways that I can keep my mind off acne?? its just annoying to be thinking about. and it could result to other stuff like missing out on something...does anybody else feel the way I do?
  7. ok this is probally my first or second time going into this forum ..but i feel like i need to get this out and write it somewhere or something then maybe it might just go away. for the last couple months or so ive been having these terrible dreams ..not in a row but like 2 a week.. and there all quite the same I would be with a friend or a girlfriend havin a good time or something and they would look at me weird and treat me weird and sometimes make fun of me ...so later on i would look in the
  8. well ive been meaning to write a log, and here it is. i started the regimen about 3 weeks ago and its barley starting to work the begining of the 3rd week i broke out on the regimen these things where bad..well inflamed a little i have mild acne i think it got to moderate once that was when i was using proactive for the first weeks ..big mistake ..anyways i thought i wasnt gonna go through that agian since i was allready use to BP but it stated to with the regimen untill i noticed i wasnt usin
  9. well i use the organic aloe vero leaf ..do you think it works the same?? well im just concerned because when i get red spots they tend to be bigger then the pimple like it would be a little white head but it would leave a stain twice as big?? ithink its because of the BP or something..
  10. Hey restored and welcome to the boards :) I've been using Dan's Regimen for about a year now with fantastic results. I recommend it to everyone, and that includes you hehe! I too had red marks and spots from acne breakouts. They were like the "after effects" of a pimple. The one thing that worked for to get rid of them: time. They faded over time. Myself; I was more concerned about the actual breakouts than the marks they left when they had gone away. As for makeup, I don't think you sh
  11. hey watsup people's well im new to this website and i was just wondering if someone could help me out on a lil promblem i have...I use proactive it works ok on my skin but i notice it leaves red marks on me ..its weird because before when i would breakout it(acne) would leave with a not noticible scar but with proactive it would leave like a stain with no acne like for a close to a year..im also trying a diet taking multivitamins with no iodine, no soda or junk food eat right vitamin c with msm