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  1. So..I think it might have been my moisturiser that was making my skin break out, I have stopped using it and my face seems to of calmed down. I still have the horrible under the skin spots and a lot of redness.
  2. Used it 7 times now and my skin is breaking out all over the place with big under the skin cycstic spots, they have all come at the same time too. I really hope they go down before the end of this week, I have an event to go to. I have switched moisturisers which seems to have stopped the dryness, which is good!
  3. The dryness is back. My skin is really flakey and it is making it really hard to wear make up without it cracking and looking horrible. Really don't want to leave my house but trying my hardest to keep the dryness down. Spots are still there but not as angry.
  4. So, I have used Epiduo 4 or 5 times now, I’m still only putting it on every 3 days anddd my face has, to say the least, reacted. I think this is the purge part of the process starting as I have new spots all over along with the dry skin and flaking, although this has calmed down a bit now. I will use it again tonight and see how my face reacts, hopefully it will calm down soon
  5. After two uses there is not much change except my skin is still dry and now it’s started to peel. I put loads of aloe Vera and Simple moisturiser on everyday and use Differin on the days I’m not using Epiduo. Skin was very red this morning after showering
  6. So, I went to the doctors again after my Differin wasn't doing much and she gave me Epiduo. It has ruined my skin, I should have just waited until my hospital appointment. Anyway, I have used Epiduo once two days ago, used tiny bits on my affected areas (forehead, chin & cheeks) and my face burns, peels and looks horrendous. I have decided to use it every three days to try and stop the peeling as much as I can, so tonight I will be using it. I will also be moisturising after use as I didn'
  7. So I have been on this medication for around 7 months now and it has worked but not enough for me to be completely happy with my skin. So I went to the doctors and they have referred me to a dermatologist, this means a long wait for an appointment. Hopefully it will be worth it and I will get something that works
  8. I am a week behind with my entries so this is last weeks result. My face is healing and breakouts are going down quicker. The aloe vera that i'm using on my face in the morning seems to be taking my scarring down.
  9. Hey! I am, It seems to be going well, no new big breakouts and I have been using pure aloe vera for my redness and scars and it seems to be working. It also goes well under make up! I'll be putting up a new entry soon
  10. Had a big breakout on my cheek this week but it seems to be calming down now. Just need the redness to go down
  11. My face is starting to look better (yay!). No big breakouts, I've started using pure aloe vera before putting my make up on and it seems to be fading some of the marks.
  12. My face is less irritated this week, hopefully this is the start of my face getting better. There are less under the skin spots and they seem to be going down.
  13. It was my 3 months of taking Lymecycline and using Differin, I am a week late with this entry but my face was more red and unhappy for some reason for the last week it has got better. I will take photos of this week tomorrow and there may be a little difference.
  14. Nearly 3 months and there isn't much difference in my face. Lots of hidden, under the skin spots which are painful and annoying. The weather isn't great for my skin either, it's very hot ☀️.
  15. Next week will be 3 months of me using differin and lymecycline for my acne, and my face is real bad. Does this mean it isn't going to get better? My doctor said it could take 6 months to work but at the moment my skin is worse than its ever been. (Have a look at my blog for photos of what I mean).