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  1. Same here. I have been using the regimen since March 04. I got a little careless over summer 05 and started breaking out again. So now I'm back on the regimen. Good luck to all of you
  2. I'm guessing that's what WildThing means. However, I believe that cleansing everytime you do the regimen is necessary, since it strips your face from impurities and the BP can go and sit in there. You should start cleansing everytime at first. And if things get better, eliminate one factor at a time. That is, you can start cleansing less, to see how your skin behaves. If you break out again, then it is most likely that you have to cleanse everytime. The key to adjusting the regimen is to play
  3. Lightly dab your face with a towel or tissue to get the sweat out. Don't let it sit there. The BP stings at first. It's normal. If stinging is too severe then start all over with a smaller dose. Hope it helps. vinz-
  4. Same here, 100 days day for day. I'm sorry I stopped coming more often to these forums since my skin got so clear. Anyways it took about 5 weeks to kick in. It was really frustrating but whatever happened I just stuck to it. This is what I use: Basis Dan's BP Gel Eucerin Renewal Basis seemed to destroy my skin at first but in fact it was just doing its job cleaning the flakes and everything. I was about to give away my other Basis bars because I thought it was doing a bad job. Instead I stuc
  5. I think the ingredient list is different. Compare on www.drugstore.com .
  6. Switch to Dan's BP GEL. You have nothing to lose but pimples.
  7. I had the exact same thing. A few days after starting on Dan's BP Gel, my skin got flaky and stuff. It scared me. I used a lot more moisturizer for a day or two. And then everything went back to normal. From there I started getting the smoothest facial skin ever. It's very smooth now. So pimp! Just keep on going and ignore it. Make sure you don't use too much BP and that you moisturize well ! Also, I use Eucerin so it exfoliates gently with the AHA. I guess it took out the flakes to reveal a n
  8. Yes it will. Just be sure to wear white clothes on top of that because BP bleaches fabric.
  9. www.acnesupplies.com please rate if if you haven't already. gives more credibility to potential customers
  10. Eating = using jaw muscles = extending the skin = breaking the tight layer of skin. Tight because of BP. Moisturize well.
  11. You should still use Eucerin for sun protection, and also to keep it moisturized. You don't want any bad surprises. I got dried because I used too much BP Gel.
  12. Week 6 A lot of things happened. First I tried Basis Bar. And the first time I tried it, my skin got really dry and irritated. I thought it just sucked. But then I used the soap for a couple of days as hand soap to work it up. I've started using it again yesterday and it feels really good now. Skin is smooth etc. I have a little pimple on the chin but that's it. The rest mostly gone. Scars on the temples as usual. I think they are going to take a while to go away. Dan's BP Gel real
  13. I just cleansed my face and applied the BP Gel. I can't believe I spent like 10 minutes looking in the mirror and being impressed at how clear and smooth my skin was. Now I just love doing the Regimen, LOL. For those of you who don't get it yet: GO GET THE GEL /