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  1. I was watching gossmakeupartist's video on YouTube about his favorite products of 2010, and he mentioned Kett Creme foundation. I looked it up because I was curious, and I definitely liked what I saw. The description is below... "Fixx Creme is a multi-tasking, waterproof makeup that goes on sheer and can be easily built up to a full coverage. Its light-weight, wax-based formula was specifically developed for ultimate flexibility; never heavy or greasy, it functions beautifully on every skin typ
  2. Yep, definitely go for the AHA+. Licochalcone is just a calming ingredient for acne-prone skin...it has nothing to do with fading acne marks, so the moisturizer won't help you with that. Having said that, it is a nice moisturizer if you just want a moisturizer. Regarding the flaking, the AHA+ will take care of that. It "unglues" the dead skin cells, for lack of a better word. Letting AHA do most of the work is better than constantly scrubbing your skin, which can cause more acne in the long run
  3. Yep, I have to agree that it's coming. You'll just wake up one morning and it will be there, usually within a week or less. And yes, Avenger is right, jaw area and cheeks are usually hit the hardest.
  4. Every couple nights or so, I add in AHA after BP and before I moisturize. I've tried to use it as my nighttime moisturizer instead, like Dan advises, but it just doesn't provide enough moisture. So, I just use Dan's moisturizer over it...however, something about the AHA makes Dan's moisturizer turn into runny liquid. It takes FOREVER to absorb and I feel like it requires me to touch my face for a much longer period of time than I should be. And after it's all absorbed, it feels sticky and gross
  5. This happens to me too...it didn't use to, and now for some reason it does. I wasn't fully following the regimen before though, so I wasn't using a full 2 pumps which may have been why. Anyway, now I have to be in front of a fan when I apply BP or it burns and stings my eyes like crazy. It's to the point where I can't keep them open and they start to water. If I leave the fan for more than a few minutes until it's almost completely dry, the burning starts again and I have to go back. I've even
  6. That sounds about right, that's what I have been doing. I also avoid using it in the AM as I'm oily enough already and don't need more shine. If you're satisfied with the results, continue using the 6 drops nightly. Otherwise, just adjust the number of drops you're using until you're happy with the results. I typically use 6-8 depending on how dry I am, but I have used as many as 10 and Dan uses 12 at night. There's no right or wrong way to use it.
  7. Too funny...I also found that helped in the beginning. I have to agree with both c'est and Wynne, after a while you won't notice the burn/sting anymore. I have also found Dan's AHA to be a little less moisturizing than I'd like, so I moisturize after it which tends to neutralize the burning/stinging a bit, when/if it does.
  8. Oops, meant to post this in the regimen products forum. Mods, could you please move it? Thanks.
  9. I just received Dan's new moisturizer and so far I like it ALOT better than the old formula, but it seems to ball up for me. After I finish applying it, I wait until it feels dry enough and then apply my makeup primer. What i've noticed is that if I touch it before I have primer on my fingers, I can just rub it off my face. I like it though and I'm going to try to stick with it, just something I noticed. Anyone else noticing the same thing? Maybe it's just me...the AHA still does it too, even t
  10. I have basically been doing the regimen with my own products (see my signature below) for about two years now. I never liked Dan's old moisturizer because it made me shiny and stung, and I ended up returning his AHA+ because it balled up. But, since he's reformulated them both and I was reordering BP anyway, I decided to order the whole regimen. What I wanted to know is, there's no reason for me to wait 6 weeks to add AHA or build up the BP or anything like that since I've been using them bot
  11. I have moderate acne and I have for as long as I can remember. I've tried everything OTC and spent years using salicylic acid to no avail. I avoided BP for so long because of it's bleaching and drying effects and finally gave in. I started out using BP only at night and eventually realized that wasn't good enough and I bumped it up to twice a day. That was a good two years ago and i'm still using two full pumps of Dan's BP twice a day. I have tweaked and tweaked my regimen (basing it on Dan's)
  12. So, after hearing about niacin working for acne, I went out and bought a bottle. I got the Flush-Free version (Inositol Hexanicotinate) that everyone seems to be having good luck with. It's been 48 hours and i'm already seeing results. Breakouts are starting to clear up and I haven't had any new ones, but my face is very tight and dry now! Did this happen to anyone else? Does it eventually away? It's the same sort of dryness that I experienced when I first started using BP...and I even have th
  13. Hey! Same here, i've been busy and I haven't had time to give an update. Sorry to hear you were so ill, that sounds like it was quite the ordeal! I hope you're feeling better now and the water weight is gone. ;-) Well, my update is not as positive as the last one. I kept doing what I was doing, but after the first week (it was slightly longer) I started to breakout again...and again...and again. Right now i'm back to where I was before and then some. I haven't changed anything in my regimen,
  14. It is awesome, i'm very surprised since i've never gone more than a day, if that, without a new breakout. Having said that, I did wake up to a couple new breakouts this morning. Obviously I didn't want it to happen, but I did expect it to, since there is no cure to acne and if there was it certainly wouldn't be a towel. What I am noticing though, is that the new breakouts are smaller/flatter than they used to be. I'm hoping that means they will also heal faster. On a side note to the above, t