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  1. well i assume you'll be wearing a professional make up job on your wedding day right? so redness isnt going to be visible anyway. i'd take the free treatments.
  2. nic cage wanted to play superman back in the mid nineties but they wouldnt let him. best he can do is ghostrider. looks like he did get some resurfacing or injections for this movie though. his big gaping neck scar isnt as visible in ghostrider as it was in gone is 60 seconds.
  3. there is a scene at the end they show a close up of nic cage. first when hes underwater then again when he faces the villian. he's got some acne scars and generally large and scarred pores. i downloaded the movie and kept rewinding and pausing it right on the moment when his face close up comes into focus. its amazing how from even a little distance away in a close up the skin can look good. only for a split second on the extreme close up do they rack focus enough to make it out. probably wouldn
  4. to work for scars the sciton has to be used at a high level. that will cause heavy resurfacing, peeling, and chance for complications. Furthermore it wont go as deep as fraxel. your doctor is behind the times. look into the fraxel re:store and re:pair. i think its barbaric that anyone would get anything besides a fractional laser for acne scars in 2007.
  5. My acne is completely gone. I'm still a shut in. I'm worried about my skin being so pale. I can see veins. I think it's getting thinner. I'm 25. I dunno, I wish I was 12 again.
  6. CAREFUL. i had ur situation and accutane was overkill. i should have done a low dose. now i have really bad eczema, probably permanent. use the lowest dose possible until the acne clears then stop. you can always start again, but if you get eczema its very difficult to treat. ive been off tane 9 months and my skin is so sensitive i get eczema rashes from just moving around, getting in and out of cars.
  7. 2 liters of distilled water a day. i capsule of fish oil. 1 capsule of flax oil. 1 capsule of vitamin e and c. moisurizing, elidel, steroids, no soap, cold water baths. still getting terrible rashes.
  8. how many of you have noticed drier skin after fraxel (not just while healing but long term). im curious whether moderate to high levels can affect oil and sweat glands, either inhibiting or denaturing them.
  9. It's going on a year now since I took my last pill. My acne is gone. But my skin is so dry. I get eczema! I think Accutane was a big mistake for me. I am really tired of mineral oil baths, full body moisturizing, and babying my skin. I am wondering how long the dryness lasts? Does the skin slowly go back to normal over several years? I've heard different things from different people (doctors, nurses, pharmacists). But the general consensus is that at 6-12 months after tane you're skin doesn't c
  10. Yeh they just give me super potent steroids and elidel cream. doesn't really help except in the middle of terrible bouts it brngs inflammation down a bit.
  11. WTF? I've been off Accutane almost 1 year. I'm now in the middle of a terrible eczema breakout all over my body (except face thank god!). I NEVER had eczema before tane. Now I get rashes from the slightest touches. I can't even shower anymore. I have to take cold water baths with a baby oil. And even that will still cause break outs like this one! I am seriously ready to do something drastic. I can't take it anymore. It's been long enough and my skin has NOT returned to normal. I can not take a
  12. Are you basing this off your own experience at 70 mJ? From what I recall, you only had 1 treatment, right? You don't really see results until the 3rd treatment. With that said, fraxel is least effective for icepicks, which is what i assume you meant when you said pitted scars. No I have rolling/saucer scars (also known as the soft scars that fade when stretched)...EVERYWHERE. I scar even when I get a tiny little pimple. I have ALWAYS been prone to ONLY these types of scars. And the res
  13. LOL. most of the literature on fraxel is referring to wrinkles and sun damage. fraxel doesn't stop the aging clock it just restarts it by about ten years. (most people who get it doen look about ten years younger--most apparent in old people). as for acne scars. no, you will never get "new" ones unless you get more acne.
  14. buy your own tip! several people have reported bleeding during the procedure!
  15. for pitted scars one treatment isnt enough. you need 6. that's part of what i was trying to explain to ylem a few pages ago. i think she still doesn't get it. its a fractional, microscopic wounding process . . .
  16. try cetaphil *cream* in the jar. much better than the moisturizer.
  17. its odd, my nose has gone back to being oily and even getting blackheads. but most other parts of my body are so dry the skin is tearing! someone out there please tell me it will eventually go away. even if it takes years, i just want to know im not stuck like this!
  18. can thin your skin too. cause telangiectasia. and other nasties.
  19. you guys should write to fraxel and let them know how much you hate the blue dye cause of blackheads.
  20. have u heard of fraxel? it can smooth the texture and smaller scars while the injections your getting can plump the deeper ones.
  21. When does it stop? I bath everyday in mineral oil, moisturize, and use eczema medications like steroids and Elidel. Still get bad rashes from dry skin. And my skin is so sensitive! I get the rashes from turning the wrong way in my sleep or getting out of the car!
  22. dry air is just as lethal to bacteria and most viruses as bleach. the key is to make sure you rinse the blades well. is it rotary? or screen? i've found rotary better for PFB (pseudofolliculitis barbae). if you are out to stop PFB, then you need to: 1)moisturize with cetaphil cream (not lotion) 1 hour before shaving. apply generously. 2) shave with a norelco smart touch xl 3) use proper technique: very slow, very small, circular or dabbing motions. 4) rinse the head under hot tap water. 5)
  23. fraxel can go deeper than the palomar (at high settings which most of us get). fraxel also is scanning technology rather than stamping. scanning is much better. topical vitamins probably won't do much. injections are sketchy too. the top layer of skin is dead and impermeable to most. most vitamin c is in the form of an acid so it might even irritate you. but if its doesn't irritate then it wont do any harm. you want to ingest *most* nutrients so they can be metabolized and carried in the blo