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  1. Are you sure you didn't have some kind of allergic reaction or hives?
  2. Pikkart says not to apply CP's to open wounds. I guess this is why.
  3. I think the sun is purple. Your Stalinistic text books are working well.
  4. I suppose you guys call water hydrogen oxide. You use BAKING SODA to neutralize the glycolic acid.
  5. The topic starter is a guy and has much thicker and most likely oily skin than most women. As a guy 2X supercop doesn't irritate my skin at all and I didn't bother to try to dilute it or build up a tolerance. I don't think men need to use emu oil either unless they are young or still have baby soft and sensitive skin. If you have oily or tough skin, don't put oil on your face. If you just had surgery or something, I can see busting out the emu oil, otherwise forget it. I currently don't recomm
  6. The Korean CROSS study said the treatment was done every 1-3 months. It should also be noted the most of the participants were women. There were 55 women and 10 men treated. Koreans also have have a very different diet than Americans. I'd say the key is being a woman and eating a high starch diet. And perhaps a bit of Kimchi. Rice Starch May Help Eczema and Damaged Skin http://bastyrcenter.org/content/view/441/
  7. Ice pick scars are V shaped. Boxcar scars have sharp edges. Hypertrophic scars are raised above the skin, and rolling scars are rounded out scars. It looks like you have a combination of rolling and boxcar scars. Others will recommend TCA cross or needling, but those options will make ur scars nasty red and scabby for awhile. It looks like ur skin is clear, just maybe a bit oily if you have large pores on your nose. I suggest cutting back on sugar and simple carbohydrates because they can make
  8. I thought they were doing "mild abrasion" with a toothpick and then applying super cop on top. I wonder if one could use glycolic acid as an alternative to TCA, because whenever you spot treat with TCA, you're going to have red marks for awhile. I'm going to try "crossing" with 30% glycolic acid and then putting Super Cop on top. I just can't stand the redness that TCA causes. Glycolic acid is less strong, but it can definitely be used more often. I've also been wondering something. I rememb
  9. I think it's human nature to pick, and it's human nature to regret it. Clogged pores and pimples are kind of like splinters to some people. Nobody walks around with a bunch of splinters without stopping and trying to pry them out. Perhaps picking is a mild form of OCD, but I don't think it's a true OCD because you wouldn't pick if you had absolutely nothing to pick at. Unfortunately if you pick without treating the cause of the problem, you are doomed to pick continually. This forum is inter
  10. If it works for you great, but in my experience... I find BP actually makes the skin look duller, and the duller the skin looks the less obvious shallow scars are. The scars don't actually change. They just look different on dull matte skin. I think BP may actually contribute to allowing new scarring to occur, or at the very least it slows down healing. Perhaps it works well to maintain already clear skin, but after years of using it, I haven't used it for months and don't plan on ever using i
  11. You obviously didn't understand my post, and I put a little picture in there and everything. It seems more logical to me to just "needle" a couple times in from the sides and down into the deeper layers of skin than just stabbing the top level of skin a dozen times. This would be more invasive to the damaged layers of skin and less invasive to the top lay of skin. The idea is that there is less trauma to the top layer of skin so you don't end up walking around looking like darth vader's pimpl
  12. All joking aside, I don't really have that much acne, but I used to have really oily skin that caused clogged pores and blackheads. I posted awhile ago about zinc tablets, but I think urine is the best thing have tired to date, and have been using it for several weeks after reading about it on another forum. I'm not talking about drinking urine, because that's a bit too hardcore for me. I just have some urine in an old oxy pads container that I put some cotton pads and cologne in. It doesn't s
  13. You do look quite lovely in that picture. I tried to read through most of your posts so I don't ask a question that was answered already. I was wondering what exactly those red marks were and what they were caused by, because they are bright red. They almost look more like cut marks than normal red marks. Are those red marks from before or during your treatment with taz?