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  1. I have to say that my journey with Accutane as a solid success. Within the past 6 months, I have had slim to no outbreaks.
  2. I have finished my course of accutane 1 day ago. I can say that my skin has become really clear this past month, and I look better in pictures without the acne/acne scars I had before. I am thankful for accutane overall although there were some side effects I had to adjust living with. I will give an update 6 months later for post accutane.
  3. End of week 5: So far, the improvements on my face have been amazing. There are no new breakouts on the right side of my face as it has begun the healing process. There are only 1-2 minor breakouts on the left side of my face. The scars are able to disappear due to the absence of new acne. I have been moved up from 40 mg once per day to 40 mg twice per day, and so far no drastic changes.
  4. End of week 4: My lips are fine still. The blackheads on my nose are pretty much out now, compared to when they were half out last week. Its so cool to see the transformation on my nose, so much cleaner. The right side of my face has become much cleaner and not much breakouts are occurring. The left side of my face is healing still, theres a few breakouts but overall its much cleaner than before. Theres a bit of joint pain but its minor. My face is significantly less oily and enjoying the proce
  5. @shmilyM The doctor hasn't told me anything about supplements, so I researched online. Definitely avoid vitamin A supplements and foods with vitamin A. End of week 3: My lips are fine as long as i use chapstick. The blackheads on my nose are almost halfway pushed out, making my nose feel like sandpaper. I decided to use a blackhead mask only on my nose a couple of days ago and a considerable amount of them came out, but still theres a lot of blackheads still left. I would wait for blackheads to
  6. End of week 2: My lips are still dry, but burt's bees chapstick helped alot in countering the drying out effects. My face is significantly less oily to the point that washing my face hasnt come across as an idea anymore. My back is less oily and i have less breakouts on my chest and upper back. But I think my ib has started, ive gotten 4-5 pimples on my face towards the end of this week, but my right side of the face is clearing up a lot more. I can start to see the tiny blackheads on my nose p
  7. Hello, I just signed up to this site after seeing many inspirational improvements with accutane. I would like to contribute to this forum by inspiring others to start the journey to help their skin out. I'm 17 years, Male, and just started my course of 40 mg a day a week ago. Day 1: (Before accutane) Acne on upper back, forehead, cheeks, face, chest. I have little blackheads on my nose, and some mild blackheads around my cheek areas. I have a lot of oil on my face, i usually wash my face tow