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  1. I had a bad week of eating things I shouldn't have and it showed on my skin- I have small pimples that were not there before. -Gluten -Milk, eggs, meat -Sweets, chocolate -Packaged food that I don't know what's inside
  2. My skin is still healing and there is 1 spot that is still peeling, but overall it's starting to look normal. I don't really see any results, so I'm not sure if it was all worth it... It'd be very hard to take so many days off from work for another chemical peel- I really looked bad when I came back to work and I don't want to go through the same emotional roller-coaster.... My plan is to use my derminator only, once a month, and 25% SA peels every 2 weeks until my acne clears completely, whil
  3. The rolling scar I was referring to was super small and superficial. There wasn't much fat loss if any at all, which is why my 1st post was about misclasifying scars it honestly looks better now after the peel, so maybe it was a wide box scar I have no intentions on reinventing the wheel, life is too short!
  4. If you have had accutane treatment, but it did not work, What type of acne do you have? Deep painful cystic Your gender? F How many years have you had acne before your first/second/third accutane treatment? 10 years before 1st and only treatment Your age when you started your first/second/third accutane treatment? 24 What side effect did you experience? the severity/duration of these side effects? Dry lips, shedding hair, some joint (back)
  5. Since I never drink enough water and right now I need it more than ever (chemical peel recovery- need hydration from inside and outside), I've decided to "reward" myself with food after I've chugged a glass or two....
  6. I'll try it in 10 days, but with tea tree oil.
  7. Aspirin I believe has some exfoliating properties and tea tree oil is very strong and could be irritating to the skin. When you have such deep pimples, nothing could be done, except to maybe put ice on them and wait for the swelling to decrease. This type of acne is treated with a preventative regimen as it takes 2-3 months for a pimple to form. Benzoyl peroxide could have been used to keep the area clean of bacteria, but again- it wouldn't have gotten rid of the pimple as you wanted.
  8. Ok, sorry, I forgot kids in HS can be pretty immature. Well, if you guys break up down the road she could tell her best friend or something and then things will spread out. At the same time, you don't want to surprise her either. I'd say get on Accutane and tell her you just respect her too much and want to get to know her better...
  9. That's very interesting, because I've used a lot of (diluted and high quality) oils such as Thyme, Bergamont and Oregan, but all of them were too strong. How long did it take you to heal?
  10. Thank you for your post, it really means a lot when people share their experiences! I've been wondering about the soy's effects on my acne, but I never really tracked things down. Since I heard of people mentioning it as an acne-causing ingredient I've been staying away from it.
  11. you won't be able to find 100% HA - the molecule is too big to penetrate the skin, so it's always being sold as a % in water, most of the time mixed with other things. I've been looking, too
  12. Yeah, my skin after OCM is squeaky clean without any irritation from like an OTC regular acne face wash. I use 2 small square cloths for 2 cycles. Oil face, use 1 cloth on all sides, then oil again and use the other cloth again all sides. My skin just gets cleaned better this way. I follow with a neutral pH organic toner (rose water). If I use a stronger wash, like a glycolic based one, my skin would sting (because the OCM is super strong in reality), so I just do the mild toner. If I want to
  13. Try Bragg's Amino Acid sauce - it's a good substitute for soy sauce. If you want an extra boost of antioxidants try matcha tea. I stopped having canned food as well....my weakness is tomato sauce for my edamame spaghetti, both of which I'm hoping to finally quit one day as they're processed. Eliminating canned food helps, but by how much exactly it'd be hard to tell.
  14. My eyes are no longer dry, but I was on a longer term course with a lower dosage. During the treatment, I was using lubricating eye drops every morning. I've read that sungazing during the early or late hours where there is 0 UV can strengthen your eyesight.