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  1. same thing has happened to me lol.. i was 100% clear not a single mark or pimple for 7 months!!! then i whent on holiday and for 3 days when the holday was nearly over i didnt do dan's regime, i came back to UK, and after that i was breaking out almost everyday, 1 or 2 red bumps under the skin everyday!! takes few days before they come through ( slightly painful ones) and i came back from holiday around 2 months ago, and it hasnt stopped yet, also its weird you say about your back and neck, sam
  2. Been using DKR for around 10 months now, did think it was 7 but its actually 10! erm yeh.. i had quite bad acne when i started, now competely clear, apart from 1 or 2 deep round scars. (learnt my lessons after picking them ones) My question is when can i stop! i hate spending 30 mins day and night using DKR. Im going to spain in like 3 months, i prey i still dont have to use it then, goin there for a good time, and knowing i gotta put this stuff on my face before i sleep! annoying.. and ive n
  3. This happens to me too! i have been using DKR for around 7 months now, completly clear now. Thank god! lately ive had people commenting on my skin, alot of friends saying how nice it is now, and few saying it looks greesy! For some reason my nose gets oily alot! no idea why, but dans moistureizer just makes it worse and makes the rest of my face look shine ( making people think it looks greesy ) grrrr o.o
  4. Hi, been on it 2 weeks now, and just woundering if this is normal. breaking out under my nose alot, like not acually on my nose, but on the bottom corners and around the sides, if you know what i mean. http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y97/sheba-pk/nosee1.jpg Is this normal, i mean, am i using too much of somthing? moisturizer or bp Thx -Mike
  5. first few weeks are horrible :/ just stick at it:)
  6. this looks same as mine somtimes, i think it was because i had oily skin.
  7. I think it takes maybe a month or two to take kick-in. not sure tho
  8. Since i've been on dkr i lost my tan, and just got so white, its horrible especially when all you can see is acne and red skin. Having a tan made my skin look better ;/
  9. Same thing happens to me, i get like 5 tiny white spots around my chin, useally after touching it the day before. Most of the time i just leave them. Doesnt take them long to go. and i try to get abit of sun now and again just to try and dry them out. and it works
  10. Oh thanks alot :] Ill try starting with 1/3 finger, in the morning and nite then. Cheers
  11. I have been using DKR for about 3 weeks now, with Botanics pore perfecting moisture lotion spf 15. Now, after 3 weeks of using DKR im still really flaky everyday, not sure why. I'm only using not even half a finger of bp in the morning and nite aswell as moistureizing. but still flaky. The only times im not flaky is, if i only clense and moistureize in the morning, then use bp at nite with only half a fingers. Now, im not sure what it is, the moistureizer? or is my skin just slow with DKR?